Whilst the team might have thought we became a ‘big’ agency overnight when moving into our new office and hiring some great new people this year, we are still only a small team of 17 (amazing!) people. And even though we have plans to grow even more over the next year, we will still be regarded as ‘small’ in the world of digital agencies. But is this a bad thing? We think (know) not…

1. More Flexible

Tight turnarounds – no problem! These sorts of things can often be heard floating around the office, because smaller agency’s want nothing more than to make their clients happy. This often means having to pull out all the stops, but we wouldn’t want it any other way!

2. Better Adaptability

Advertising is an ever-changing market – FACT, and we find that a smaller team is better adaptable to those changes. Besides, we love a new challenge and look forward to new technologies and innovations so that we can continue to improve the services we offer.

3. Protect Their Values

We have strong values that have been at the heart of Cornerstone ever since the very first invoice was sent out over 7 years ago. We have no outside investors and only one director (David), meaning that our clear vision and ethical approach can continue long into the future.

4. More Determined

As a small agency competing in a large market we have huge drive and passion, which sets us up to produce great pieces of work. This determination and drive helps us create work that set us apart from the rest and we even win the odd award here and there meaning our determination certainly pays off.

 5. Have Stronger Communication

Communication is key to our business, and as a small agency it is strong and focused. Having a small team makes communication easier and helps keep us all on the same page ensuring deadlines and objectives are always met.

 6. More Passionate

Passion is a word we use a lot at Cornerstone and for good reason too. We’re a young team of creatives, bursting with innovative ideas, marketing know how, and complicated code that would have Da Vinci running for the hills.

7. Better Value

Lower overheads ensure that we stay competitive, giving our clients the best possible value. Larger companies have big pockets to line, but we’re not in it for the money! It’s something we love to do (but hey we’re not complaining, a little money here and there helps things to run smoothly over at Cornerstone HQ).

 8. More Personable

We try and be as approachable and in most instances as informal as possible to help put our clients at ease and to ensure that they can always talk freely and in plain English to us. We don’t bombard clients with jargon, at the end of the day we’re just normal(ish) down to earth people – the best kind of people to work with (or that’s what we think anyway).

 9. Closer to Clients

Our clients are without doubt the most important things to our business. We find that having a small local team means that we can build strong relationships with our clients in and around Manchester and really get to know them. We know their likes, dislikes, aims, and objectives which makes it much easier to deliver successful marketing results.

10. Better Focused

At Cornerstone we always work as a team to deliver successful marketing results and good ROI’s. Being a small agency allows us to work together to focus all of our attention and efforts on each given project, and drinking lots of tea and coffee certainly helps too.


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