Being a designer means no two days are ever the same.

Working on so many different client projects which can vary from simple amends, to a press ad, to full-scale campaigns means I get a great variety of work. Every day is a refreshing change and a new challenge for me, and that’s why I love my job.

As designers, we often need to have the capability to spin plates, as it can get very hectic, especially when you have a full schedule and unexpected jobs drop in or deadlines are moved needing sharp turnarounds.

But here at Cornerstone, our philosophy is that anything’s possible so we never fail to meet our clients’ needs and always try our absolute hardest to meet the tightest of deadlines!

Below is a glimpse of how a typical day for me runs…


My day begins with a warm welcome from the office pooch Wilson. He’s always perched at the top of the stairs with a wagging tail and half chewed toy hanging out of his mouth. After I give him a quick pat on the head, I head over to my desk.


Switch on my computer after I have said my good mornings, and had a natter with the team.


Before the work commences, first thing’s first, brew time! …. This machine needs fueling in the form of caffeine.


Down to business… Once I have made the morning brew round, I begin the working day by opening my emails. I reply to them all and pop the ones that need actioning into my calendar.


We have a group huddle in the studio to discuss everybody’s workloads for that day, as well as any new projects in the pipeline to make sure everyone is working from the same page.


After whizzing through my emails and completing all of my admin tasks, I set my timer running, pop my headphones in, so I can get in the zone, and get stuck into my project for the morning (this can be anything from one job to many small jobs). Today’s a lovely website for a baby scanning centre! Which is making me a little broody to say the least!


After an hour of knuckling down on my website design it’s brew time! Usually made by my lovely colleague and best brew maker going, Jess.


I tend to break off around midday for lunch so I have a longer stretch in the afternoon to get stuck into a new task, or carry on with the task I have been working on that morning. Again, it all depends on the jobs scheduled in for that day.


After returning from my lunch break, I check through my emails again to make sure nothing urgent has cropped up before getting back into my scheduled work.


I come up for air after working a few solid hours on the website design and treat myself to a brew and a rice cake (I am know in the office as the rice cake queen – I’m slightly addicted to say the least)


I’m leaving on time tonight! This isn’t always the case if there are pressing deadlines but my website design is rolling into tomorrow. I then check my emails to make sure I haven’t missed any client requests and put anything that needs to be addressed into my schedule for the following day(s).

I then head home and prepare to do it all over again the following day!

As I said no two days are ever the same in my job and each day brings something new. The end of my working day brings a feeling of great satisfaction when I step back and look at what I have lovingly crafted for our clients.

If you’d like us to take a look at the design for any project you may have, feel free to phone us for an informal chat or email us,

Cornerstone DM