Meet Sam, a print technician at Cornerstone.

From high-end signage to the dizzy heights of fitting signage off cherry pickers, self-professed print geek Sam and his colleague Steve handle everything in the Cornerstone print room and a lot more besides.

Great teamwork and a lot of joking keep the pair running at full capacity through the busy working day.



What tasks do you get up to throughout the day?

First thing, I turn the printer and laminator on in the print room and then check what I’ve got on using our project management system on the computer. Once I know what jobs I have booked in for the next few days, I can check the stock levels and get anything I need ordered.

I usually start my tasks by setting up the printer – this is the first step for creating lots of things we produce, like vinyl. While I’ve got something printing, I do other jobs like mounting onto trays, composites, and also going onto site to do site surveys and installs. We do all sorts in the print room

At the moment I’m also currently training Steve, our new addition to the print room. Me and Steve have been doing lots of internal work at Cornerstone in the last couple of weeks.

What’s your schedule like?

I usually start at 8am and leave around 4pm, but this can change a lot depending on the jobs I have on – for example, this Friday I’m doing 10am to 7pm. This is to work around the client’s schedule and the opening times of their premises; sometimes we have to work in the early morning or evening to avoid peak times.

What’s your background?

Before Cornerstone, I worked for 8 years at a signage company in Stockport, doing pretty much the same jobs as I do here: fitting, design, and project management. There was a lot of variety on projects, so I learnt lots of different techniques. Before that I worked at another sign company, my uncle’s business, which I started at when I was 15.

What’s the difference between your previous jobs and working at Cornerstone?

At Cornerstone, I like having the freedom to order my own materials and be more responsible for the print room. It [Cornerstone] is very organised and there is a lot of team spirit which is a nice change. The van’s a lot nicer too!

What’s it like having Steve on board?

I’ve worked with Steve for 7 years at my last job and recommended him to have an interview when the job vacancy came up. He’s been working in the industry a long time and is really great to work with. We have a similar style of working, for example if I’m up on scaffolding working on something, he’ll know what I need before I do!


What are your favourite types of jobs to work on?

I like variety in the of types of jobs I do and working with different companies and people.

My favourite part of projects though are usually the installs. I love seeing the finished product and the customer’s reaction, and also showing the designers at Cornerstone how their design looks on site. Learning new techniques is also always fun too.

Is there anything you don’t look forward to?

Laminating can be daunting, as if it goes wrong and there’s a crease or a bubble in it, I have to start from the beginning and reprint the whole thing again!

Who do you talk to in your job?

In the Cornerstone team, I work a lot with David – I used to talk to him about ordering materials before that was passed onto me – and also account managers and Lauren about my schedule and projects. I also work closely with the designers since print jobs nearly always come from the design team to me.

I meet clients on site when I’m doing installs and I also talk a lot to suppliers. So it’s quite a social role really!

What’s the culture at Cornerstone like?

The social events are a nice thing about Cornerstone. For example, we have pub trips every Friday, and in December there were loads of things going on like Christmas jumper day and lunch quizzes which were fun.

Tell us a bit about how you’re improving the Cornerstone office.

At the moment I’m working on the external signage. We’re doing a big 6-foot, backlit Cornerstone logo as part of this. This is quite a complex job, but it will look really good when it’s finished.

I’m also helping with decorating and making the office look more homely. For example, we’re installing a wooden and grass wall on one side of the room upstairs.

We’re looking into adding rustic signage internally to go with this, for example you can do burnt branding into wood which was something I suggested to David. There is so much you can do with signage and print, I’m looking forward to putting our showroom in the print room together to show the different creative options available!



To learn more about our wide format print offering at Cornerstone, go to our signage solutions or exhibition and display options. Alternatively, you can email or call our office on 0161 2139941.

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