Acting in the interest of employee wellbeing is crucial for developing a healthy and happy team.

Workplace design that considers air quality, lighting and interior layout is paramount to job satisfaction and a happy working environment. These are just some of the elements we took into consideration when designing the new Cornerstone HQ.

To ensure the new office suits the Cornerstone crew, we opened up a Pinterest board to the whole team to share their ideas, which went on to influence the final design. After all, we want the new building to be a place where everyone feels comfortable, relaxed and productive.


Our new office building before renovation


Our founder and MD David Wadsworth believes strongly in the power of a happy team.



He went on to say:

“Health and wellbeing is high on the agenda for most reputable companies these days, and it certainly is well up there for us too. By carefully crafting a space that people can love to be a part of, we’re sure the team’s satisfaction and enjoyment within their role will continue to grow in the new building.”


David Wadsworth, MD of Cornerstone, showing the team the proposed office layout


According to Fellowes Workplace Wellness Trend Report, 87% of workers would like their employer to offer healthier workspace benefits. That’s a staggeringly high percentage of workers and we intend to address this with our new building.

The new and improved Cornerstone HQ will have many benefits for the whole team. Formerly a children’s play centre, the building is large enough to accommodate a growing team, with rooms designated to individual departments such as our new video studio (formerly doubling up as a meeting room in our current office).


Above: the current layout of the new office space during renovation


Agency life is incredibly rewarding, though the fast-paced nature of the job can mean that unhealthy habits are picked up if we’re not careful. Our in-house gym will provide the team with more opportunity to hit the recommended 30 minutes a day exercise, whether before or after work (to handily miss rush hour) or during our lunch breaks. We are fitting showers so that the team can feel fresh after the gym which enhances the ease of access to our new facilities before work or during lunchtime.

Situated right next to an old railway line turned public bridle path, we will have a nice place to go for a stroll on a sunny lunchtime too. Being outdoors has proven benefits for mental and physical wellbeing, including enhanced creativity, boosting vitamin D and restoring focus.


The bridle path outside our new office.


One thing which has been noted by every team member at CS is our current lack of break-out spaces. It’s true, we’ve outgrown our current office and we are all craving some relaxing spaces to eat lunch, socialise with other members of the team and focus on our work when the office is a bit too loud. In turn, having these areas will mean we can spend more time being social together and will allow us to bring back activities such as team lunches which have been lacking of late due to lack of space.


David in what will soon be our breakout and brew areas on the ground floor and first floor


We’ve all heard the expression ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ and we know how true this is. Our new Cornerstone desks are wider and deeper and will allow for some more breathing space, personalisation with plants and artwork and will leave the team feeling less cluttered.

It’s important to work in an environment which suits the team, boosting productivity, happiness and overall wellbeing. We take employee wellbeing at Cornerstone incredibly seriously. At the end of the day, people in the UK typically spend 37.4 hours a week at their job, so we want Cornerstone to be a genuinely enjoyable place to be. Our new office will be a place the team come to where they can socialise, feel comfortable and keep producing the exceptional work that we’re known for.


Our latest development: the first floor of the new office installed





Cornerstone DM