When it comes to design, you can often be faced with the common problem of too much information, copy, or imagery to try and squeeze in.

Whether it be a press ad, a brochure, a website design or signage, the battle against information overload is an important issue which can sometimes be overlooked.

Here at Cornerstone we follow design processes that help us create clean and effective design that identifies with the target audience, engages with them, and drives performance for our clients.

Take a look at our simple 4 step process used to create clean, uncluttered, effective design, making sure you are getting the maximum impact out of your marketing communications.

Visuals and Imagery.

If there is imagery or visuals available, this is a great way to better communicate your offering. It is important that the quality is high, as poor quality imagery can significantly lessen the overall image and the way people perceive your brand image.

We help to ensure images chosen are relevant to the particular subject and audience in question. If it is not connected to the subject it can be confusing and send out the wrong message, diluting the effectiveness of your marketing communications. Too many images can also be overwhelming; it is often best to keep imagery to a minimum to make sure you are getting maximum impact and clarity of message.


Is there a lot of copy to include? If so, we break these up into smaller sections and often re-write it to be much more concise, giving your target audience the key information they want to hear.

Nobody likes to read huge chunks of text. This can throw people off and will lose the audience’s attention very quickly. The use of bold headings and bullet points to break content up also helps when used properly.

By breaking text down into manageable chunks it helps to maintain interest and keep people focused on your content and brand.

Typography is also an important factor that can greatly impact the legibility of your design. We always ensure we adhere to brand guidelines and utilise the existing fonts, however if there is free reign available, we choose typefaces that suit the brand image, campaign objectives / theme and personality. It is important to make sure the font is legible and that the point size is of a suitable size.


The colour content of your design should reflect your brand look and feel. The appropriate choice of colour for your design is key in making sure it has a clean and well targeted feel to it.

We always ensure brand colours are adhered to and try to keep colour combinations to a minimum to uphold a sleek and uncluttered feel.

Key Message.

The main focus of any campaign is to ensure the key message is delivered in the most effective manner that will help drive awareness and interest in the client’s brand.

This is achieved through setting out a clear indication or objective of what the message should be, which ties into the above supporting elements.

Calls to action should be precise and to the point. Sticking to fewer messages instead of having multiple offerings will massively improve the effectiveness of the marketing piece.

We work with our clients to make sure the overall messaging, tone of voice and visual of the advertising campaign is how they want consumers to perceive their company. Keeping things consistent will not only strengthen the design elements of the piece but will help to create a stronger brand presence.

Our aim is to ensure people engage with your brand with a clear understanding of the core benefits over competitors.

And finally, after all this, we ask ourselves one very important question, does it help portray your communications clearly whilst maintaining a clean and effective approach?

We shall leave the answer up to you. Why not take a look at our portfolio and see what you think?

If you would like help with your marketing communications whether it be a simple flyer to a full-scale marketing strategy, please get in touch!

Cornerstone DM