Colour is such a simple yet magical thing, transforming the bland and boring into something spectacular. It can influence our mood, purchase decisions, what we wear, eat and much more. Research even shows that colour can increase things like brand recognition by up to 80%.


Pioneers in the field of colour study, suggest we can learn a lot about ourselves, and our personality traits through individual colour preference. For example, if you’re a person who’s instinctively drawn to blue hues it would suggest that you’re confident, trustworthy and reliable, while if you’re a lover of red, you’re excitable, bold and energetic. I’m not sure how true this is though, as a lot of peoples colour perception could be based on other factors such as media influence, religion or cultural differences and even upbringing can influence your colour preference.


We do however know that brands can and do create consumer preconceptions and gender stereotypes through the use of colour and have been doing so successfully for years. Take a look at some of logos below and how they fit into a neatly defined colour preconception. You’ll see that colour plays a vital role in effectively communicating the personality of a brand, you could even go as far as saying it’s done subliminally. Let us know what you think and if you agree or not?





Cornerstone DM