As we’re nominated in three categories at this year’s MPA Awards, we thought now is the perfect opportunity to take a look back at the projects and the passion that’s seen us nominated for the Big Bang Award.

The Big Bang Award is for campaigns that have achieved A LOT for a little. The entry qualifications state it must be a campaign that has ‘achieved exceptional, quantified results against clear objectives with a spend under £50,000’.

We were approached by our longstanding clients, North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), to strategise and implement a full-service campaign for the Community First Responder (CFR) initiative.

NWAS wanted a campaign that generated awareness of CFRs in the Cumbrian and Lancashire areas and encouraged sign ups to the CFR program. Their target was 50 new CFRs gained from the campaign.

There were 500 new CFRs as a direct result of our campaign.

How did we achieve such outstanding results for a budget under £7,000?

NWAS Hero Next Door

Campaign Creative

In depth focus groups, marker research and concept work helped us to develop a strong campaign creative that included the creation of the ‘Hero Next Door’ look, feel and messaging.

We kept the proposition clean and simple, whilst focusing the campaign visual around the idea of being a neighbourly hero and used real life CFRs as our inspiration for the characters we created as part of the Hero Next Door campaign.

These characters allowed us to showcase the amazing work CFRs do through actual stories relating to their roles, whilst demonstrating all the personal benefits that CFR volunteers would experience. Through these stories, we were able to encourage and inspire, a key element to achieving such an impressive campaign ROI.

NWAS Hero Next Door

Digital Marketing

We strategised a full social pay per click campaign to support organic social media content produced by Cornerstone’s digital team.

The plan involved detailed audience research and targeting to ensure each user reached was of the highest quality, and a real potential CFR candidate.

All social content, paid and organic, was carefully crafted to be engaging and interesting; sharing relatable real-life stories from current CFRs in video, image and copy format, encouraging conversation through poll and Q&A formats, and making sure target users felt inclined to actively engage with every post.

NWAS Hero Next Door

Outreach Materials

Once we had a solid campaign creative direction we created graphic design work for leaflets, postcards, posters, pull up banners, selfie frames, and flyers. We printed all materials for client distribution for use at public engagement events and demonstrations.

These materials proved to be so valuable and campaign spend was so within budget that we produced a second run of materials once the campaign was launched to further progress.

Through successful communication of NWAS’ key values and showcasing the reality of the CFR program through all marketing materials, we had to halt the campaign within just two weeks, 10 weeks shy of the proposed end date, to allow our client to process all the CFR sign ups they’d received.

You can read more about the campaign here.

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