It’s our tenth birthday, and there’s ten of us in the Cornerstone team. It seemed only right to find out what kept each member of the team engaged and inspired to keep creating amazing work. Below, are the sources of inspiration of each team member, maybe they will inspire you too!


Sarah – Site Inspire

Our head of design’s choice comes from a site jam packed with designer inspiration.

‘I use Site inspire quite a lot for website inspiration.

It’s really handy for new ideas on layouts and has handy filters so you can even have a look at industry specific designs as well to see what other people are doing.’


Dave – Designspiration

Dave’s source of inspiration comes from two very visual sources, a key requirement in the world of a designer.

‘I tend to use Pinterest and Design Inspiration when I’m looking for inspiration. They’re both very similar in that they are visual websites so I can just scan through and things catch my eye’


Nicola – The Inspiration Grid

Nicola has chosen a source, which is a creative hub of graphic design inspiration.

‘It’s very useful as it covers most aspects of design from branding/logo design, illustration, packaging design, typography, exhibitions, photography, interior/POS design etc.’ What more could you ask for!


David –  Peter Jones

Our MD’s choice is best known for being an investor on Dragons Den.

‘Jones is a superb entrepreneur who has seen both great success and great failures, all of which have put him in an absolutely outstanding position in his career and professional life. I’ve taken plenty of inspiration from this guy in learning how to approach business a little differently.’


Jess – Rand Fishkin

Jess’ choice comes from the founder of Moz, SEO software and marketing resources.

‘Moz is a daily lifesaver when working on clients’ digital strategies. I follow Rand on Twitter (@randfish) too and he shares a lot of great content – digital stuff, and general, current world-related. He also posts cute tweets/pics of him and his wife. So there’s lots of inspiration for digital work, and life in general!’


Kat – Gessato

Kat’s choice comes from architecture and design blog, Gessato.

‘On par with my love of film, is my love of interior design and architecture. I use Gessato for inspiration in both interior and film areas. I can easily spend hours scrolling through their site, reading or watching videos about architecture and design! I love clean lines, innovative living spaces and Scandinavian design.’


Robbie – The North

‘The north of England has influenced and inspired me in many ways – especially northern photography, journalism, TV, design, landscapes, industry and social history.

Although I spent my early childhood in Scotland, I moved to northern England when I was six. Over the years I gradually became fascinated and inspired by both.

I grew up near Middlesbrough, where my family and other Scottish families had moved to during major steel industry changes in the 1970s. As a teenager in the 1980s, I became aware of the north of England becoming effectively a separate nation to the south of England. That trend has arguably increased in recent decades, which is both challenging and fascinating.

I first developed an interest in both the North-East and Yorkshire regions, probably because Middlesbrough and the mighty River Tees stand at the border of the two regions. I later studied and worked in West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire, and became fascinated with those other regions too.

All these regions continue to inspire me in many ways.’

Tyne Tees TV identity video from 1979

Middlesbrough-raised photographer Ian MacDonald (no relation)

River Tees Transporter Bridge

The M62 motorway – ‘Especially the view looking down onto Halifax on a clear night’


Mubarak – Devdocs 

Our web developer and coding wizard reveals his go to website and handy time saving source. Dev Docs is a fast and free reference for popular front-end languages and libraries.

‘I use Dev Docs daily. It’s a website that contains documentation, functions, scripts etc. along with examples for all major programming languages. It saves time instead of having to go on Google search and it works offline also.’


Andy – David Bailey

Andy’s choice comes from fashion and portrait photographer, Daivid Bailey. Having worked with most of the biggest names in the industry, Bailey has captured iconic portraits and collaborated in capturing ‘Swinging London’ in the 1960’s.

‘This may sound like an obvious choice but I love David Bailey’s work, it’s incredible how he can capture personality from a still photo. Very cool.’


Chris – Pinterest

Chris has chosen Pinterest as his source of inspiration. This website is such a great source to find inspiration for pretty much everything. Whether you’re looking at how to make your own DIY christmas tree or planning a 1930’s themed birthday party, Pinterest has you covered with all manor of weird and wonderful sources to get your brain brimming with ideas.

‘I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest – I love old retro items and handmade items made from reclaimed items such as pallets (reclaimed wood signs etc…). It’s a good place for unique ideas to come out!’

Cornerstone DM