Email marketing can often be underestimated in its effectiveness, but did you know that email marketing is nearly 40 times better than both Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers for businesses (Mckinsey & Company study).

Emails instantly reach recipients or can be scheduled to preferred and successful times, meaning that you can truly capture your audience’s attention. They are also great sources of information that can carry through brand personality, information, humour, facts, and of course products and services, which provides plenty of calls to action and makes people more likely to click through to your website, specific products, or even social channels.

You can get as creative as you like with emails as well, giving your audience so much more than simple text, which can definitely make the most of product photography and marketing. The people that you reach are also likely existing customers or people who have consented to your marketing efforts, meaning that they are more likely to engage and are more open to what you are telling them or wanting to sell to them.

Here’s a quick run-down of the biggest benefits of using email marketing for your business:

1. Promotions & Offers

Targeting your audience with promotions and offers is a great way of making a sale and encouraging them to visit your site, therefore promoting products and sales. They are also likely to visit the rest of your site, making for great marketing of your products and services as a whole.

2. Exclusive

The recipients of your emails will only be people that you have the data of, which can make promotions and general newsletters more exclusive to your audience. This can work to your advantage for things like sales and can also encourage your audience to engage with you because they feel like your message is exclusive to them.

3. Personalisation

Most email marketing software can be used to personalise emails, therefore expanding on the exclusive side of it and helping to push a sale or encourage them to engage with your brand. 64% open an email because of its subject line (Mark the Marketer), so including their name will lead to a much higher engagement rate for your business.

4. Great Use of Data

Getting your customers’ data means that you can instantly add them to your database and utilise this information, as marketing to existing customers is easier than to new customers. Your audience also has the power over whether they receive emails from you, meaning that the database you have will be the people more likely to engage with your brand and make your marketing a success.

5. Effective

76% of email opens occur in the first few days of them being sent, which is one of the reasons that it is so powerful in its results. Because they are sent and received instantly or at chosen times, you can make sure that your audience sees and opens your emails at the most successful times and also in time for things like events or sales.

So, now you know the benefits and uses of email marketing for your business, why not give us a call on 0161 213 9941 or email to discuss an email strategy today?

Cornerstone DM