As there’s only a matter of weeks to go until the most festive day of the year, we thought we would list our favourite big brand Christmas marketing campaigns of 2015!

• “#BecauseItsChristmas” – Asda Building on its TV advert, the simple use of a cross-channel hashtag helps to build massive amounts of engagement and lets other users share their experiences and Christmassy posts.

• “Holidays are Coming!” – Coca Cola The iconic Coca Cola truck is a staple Christmas advert and for most, signifies the start of the Christmas season! It also features a lot of festive imagery that is instantly recognisable and has been ever since it first aired in 1995.

• “Mog’s Christmas Calamity” – Sainsbury’s On an alternative theme, this campaign focuses on the spirit of Christmas after a family cat accidentally destroys its home on Christmas Eve, with neighbours banding in to save the day.

• “Man on the Moon” – John Lewis Following up on the success of their Monty the Penguin campaign last year, John Lewis has opted for another emotional theme based around a young girl who spots a man on the moon and then tries to reach him, eventually sending him a telescope so that he can watch Christmas on Earth.

• “The Art of Christmas” – Marks & Spencer This year’s M&S advert features an exciting and up-beat advert showcasing the relatable events of Christmas day, including early mornings, opening presents, Christmas dinner, and Christmas telly.

Have we missed any of your favourites? Find us on our social channels and let us know which ones you love this year!

Cornerstone DM