A website is now a fundamental asset to a company’s success.

It is often the first point of contact / familiarisation that a consumer will have with your business whether that is to browse your offering, filling out a contact form or actually purchasing something if you have an ecommerce website.

Having a website is a must in today’s expanding market and will immediately give you an advantage over your competitors who don’t have one.

It will allow you to keep up with your online competition and will give you that chance to tell your customers what you are all about and why you deserve their custom, trust and confidence. You can shout about your offerings and your latest achievements but most of all it provides the potential customer with a sense of familiarity and instills confidence providing your site contains good quality content and is designed and coded to a high standard.

Which brings me on to the juicy bits, the part that gets me excited … the web design and functionality!

There’s nothing worse than a dull, flat, dated, and un-inspiring website, this will, more often than not, put the consumer off and give your competitors a higher chance of winning the consumer over if their website is much more polished than yours.

In order to keep your consumers engaged, you need to make sure you are, firstly up to date with current trends and that your content is relevant, but most importantly, (from a design perspective) you need to make sure the visual aesthetics are appealing and enticing, which helps provide a much better user experience, this encourages loyalty, recommendation and repeat custom.

In order to make a pleasant online experience, Cornerstone considers the following factors of web design:

The Look:

Here at Cornerstone we ensure each of our client projects are tackled from the most appropriate angle to ensure every client website has totally unique and exclusive, bespoke design, and functionality.

We aim to provide our clients with a site that really portrays their company properly and in a positive manner.

We look at how to make the online experience as smooth and pleasant as possible for the consumer in order to uphold the attention of possible customers. Colour usage is also a key factor in the design process of any website. Too many colours or a strong mix of garish bold colours can be off putting. If your branding does consist of strong bold colours, we tend to select two to three as the main colours to avoid a cluttered and overwhelming feeling.


Functionality is a major factor to consider when building a website. If your site has poor functionality/navigation this is most likely to put your customers off and lose a potential sale or enquiry.

Navigation is a key instrument in upholding the viewer’s attention. If they cannot find what they want, when they want, they are more than likely going to move on to a competitor’s site.


If you have the budget and it fits in with your brand and product offering then JavaScript or newer forms of CSS can be a great way of bringing your website to life with subtle but effective animation and motion!

The smallest hint of animation can really add impact to your site and is a great tool to capture the attention of the viewer. But it has to be done well! Too many sites use Javascript badly and it can often cheapen the look and feel, as well as slowing it down.


Poor photography can be a turn off and can destroy your professional image. If your site contains photography, it is crucial that it is to a high standard. It is ideal to have professional photography done to ensure you are conveying a professional and polished message.

Brand Message:

Last but not least, the entire design has to relate to your actual brand and company ethos. Quite often we see businesses copy something just because it looks good, but that isn’t a true reflection of the company it’s trying to represent. By ensuring there is a strong tie between your company, its messaging and its core brand ethos, your customer is sure to have a more enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Take a look at our online portfolio to see some of our latest client websites.

If you would like help or advice on your website design and development, then please get in touch!

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