Here at Cornerstone, we’re a team of passionate and enthusiastic creative folk who love what we do.

The CS creative team brings together exciting graphics, immersive website design and engaging video to create an offering which is varied and robust. But let’s face it, we all have days where we have a stack of work to do but no motivation to get going; the ideas just aren’t flowing, and the creative stream is running dry. It happens to the best of us.

We’re confident that we’re not alone and so we’ve compiled some top tips to help fellow creatives in their time of need.


Firstly, and possibly most importantly we believe there has to be time to think. Reflecting on the brief and drawing on sources of inspiration is incredibly important. Designing from the consumers perspective forms a large part of our creative work and having the time to put ourselves into their shoes and reflect on what emotions our work will evoke is a very important step for us.


Secondly, the problem could be stemming from your environment. Sick of looking at the same set-up every day? Shake things up, move things around, re-organise your desk and in turn spark some creative thoughts. According to research, blue is the ideal workspace colour for creatives and green is proven to enhance creative performance. Try adding a splash of blue or green to your desk or environment to give you that extra creative boost!

Take a break

Thirdly if you struggle to focus on one block of work at a time, shake your creative process up with some side projects. Smaller projects take you away from the big project while keeping you productive and creative. Once you’re done, you’ll return to your big project with a fresh pair of eyes and a renewed enthusiasm.


Number four on the list is knowing when to press pause on the project you’re working on and sleep on it. Taking a few hours to reflect and break away from it, whether it’s a good night sleep, an hour in the gym or cooking up a storm in the kitchen is key to refreshing your ideas and ultimately enables you to get the best out of your end result.


The fifth and final point on the list is to think outside of the workspace, there is a direct correlation between openness to new experiences and creative thinking, immerse yourself in new adventures and explore outside of your comfort zone to trigger new and exciting creative paths. Don’t let your lack of creative ideas get the best of you, instead of accepting defeat, expand your mind and see what amazing ideas come to the surface.

We hope these tips help you out next time you’re struggling for inspiration. A little boost is what can take a project over the finish line and give you an end result to be proud of.




By Kat Thomson, Videographer. See our creative services here.

Cornerstone DM