Just in case you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute, (we’ve defffffffinitely done all of ours 🙈) we’ve got you covered.

ONE: Yoni Alter

Graphic artist, Yoni Alter bridges the gap between artistic and commercial. Bursting with bright colours, his work is easily identifiable and striking. We think his clear cast acrylic ‘Shapes of Cities’ puzzles are just fantastic.

TWO: Pantone Mug

If the designer in your life loves a good cup of tea, then we’ve got the perfect gift for you. Pantone have a line of mugs in many different colours, each with the wrap around colour with the shade title written below.

THREE: Know Your Onions

This book includes everything you need to know about Graphic Design. Chapters include: the principles of typography, knowledge of reprographics and layout. This book addresses the creative and business sides of graphic design.

FOUR: Archifold Architectural Origami Set

This series of origami sheets allows for organic creation. The 34 double side printed sheets of paper come with a diagram with guidelines on building a little house to get you started, and then the rest is up to you!

FIVE: Blackwing Colour Pencil Set

Extra smooth colour core for achieving crisp and even colouring. Each pencil features the same hexagonal barrel found in their graphite pencils as well as a metal end cap. These pencils are a comfortable weight and make the perfect gift.

SIX: Brutalism Print

Bold, brash and confrontational. Brutalism is an architectural movement that emerged in the 1950’s through dissatisfaction with existing forms of modernism. You only need to take a look at The National Theatre in London for a perfect example. This print makes the perfect gift for your brutalism appreciating designer.

SEVEN: Leuchtturm 1917 Sketchbook

Perfect for the on-the-go designer, this 249 page notebook contains acid free, bleed-proof paper. Complete with a blank table of contents with stickers for labelling and archiving, this gift is perfect for noting and sketching ideas whenever they come to mind.

EIGHT: Exploded MAKE Print

One word to sum it all up. These prints show deconstructed letters in a manual book style. We love how these letters have been transformed!

NINE: DodeCal

Okay, so this gift has an expiry date because it’s a calendar, but a very lovely calendar. Made from American Cherry, this immaculately formed rhombic-dodecahedron has precisely etched months and dates on each side.

TEN: Architecture Maps

Blue Crow Media make architecturally specific city maps. If you’re buying for someone who appreciates architecture and adventures then we’ve got the perfect gift for you! These maps put forward a strong case for reviving analogue maps.

Cornerstone DM