Some people have the wrong perceptions of small agencies, and I am hoping I can change the opinion of at least one person reading this blog.

Having started my career at the biggest marketing agency in the North West, working on their biggest retail account, I quickly learned what it was like to work to tight deadlines and churn work out at a pace you will only understand if you see it.

I also was lucky enough to gain experience in some other big agencies too, but I then decided to make a change. To go small. Significantly smaller than I had before
(much to the surprise of some of my colleagues at the ‘big agencies’). And this is where Cornerstone comes in…

A little Lees agency which can pack an almighty punch.

So I’m here to give you a run down of how smaller agencies offer so much more than is perceived by many.

Smaller team = significantly wider skill set

As a smaller team of 17, we all have to know a lot more about a lot of areas of expertise than you’d find in team members in the bigger agencies. Your account team is just one channel, meaning you can deal with one person for everything you may need, from digital to design, to everything in-between.

Due to being a smaller team, our communication is superb! Need to ask someone something? A quick nudge or shout to our colleagues will mean your account manager can respond to you quickly and efficiently.

Fewer overheads = smaller prices.

Our prices reflect the size and location of Cornerstone, but NOT the standard of our work.


We can work around you. We don’t have meetings to book work in weeks in advance and leave you waiting if you miss your slot. We have flexible schedules to accommodate the needs of our clients, who are always our number one priority.

Fast turnaround

Our flexibility in our processes means we can get something back to you quickly, meeting tight deadlines. And as mentioned above, all our team has a wide skill set, so there doesn’t have to be a wait for team members to become available.


Our team is very passionate about what we do, and as well as the smaller team dynamics meaning quality is tightly controlled, we take pride in the quality of our work. Lots of our work is local or for a good cause, holding a special place in our heart.

There is also a lot more responsibility on each of us to achieve results, and in doing so, we all pull together to ensure the quality of our work is as high as can be to ensure our clients, and the whole Cornerstone team is happy with the outcome, each and every time.

We know how to make money go further

Working with small budgets (and various charities), we know that every penny counts and we work hard to make sure your budget gets as much return as possible.

And in just a few short points, that is why a smaller agency like Cornerstone can get you results. If you’d like to discuss any projects you may have with us, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to give us a ring for an informal chat on 0161 213 9941.

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