Sometimes the team call me the Instagram queen, and other times the Instagram pest.

I think it’s really important to capture moments in life and I have brought this into the office (much to the uncertainty of some of the team when they are being papped before they can say stop). I like to capture the daily goings on, snapping away all the little things to give our followers an insight into the Cornerstone culture and showcase what we are all about.

I think it’s important for our clients (both existing and prospective) to know who we are. It’s equally important for our clients to utilise their social with our help in a similar way.

Instagram is a powerful platform and is continuing to grow at a significant pace. With well over 600m users globally and 100m of these coming from the latter half of 2016 alone, it really is a channel not to be ignored in marketing strategy anymore.

Businesses are using Instagram more and more, with over 8M business profiles set up and 80% of Instagrammers following a business, its power is undeniable.

In the last year alone, we have seen the introduction of stories; creating a whole new way to share the ‘now’, videos, multiple image uploads within one post (swipeable carousel) and an ever-growing list of stickers and text options. The options continue to grow and content can be customised in line with any brand, personality, individual or any other way users see fit.

With further plans this year to introduce a booking feature to business profiles to allow the ability to book a service directly from within Instagram, you need to be asking if you’re not already using this platform, why not?

While it isn’t suitable for all our clients, for those whose strategy it should be included Instagram can:

• Help increase revenue in multiple ways
• Help target individuals globally
• Understand followers with insights gained from the channel – for example the time users are interacting with brands and subsequently work out the best time to push out content
• Offer a further channel for direct comms, key in todays two-way conversations between brands and followers
• Connect a world – Instagram is perfect for building a brand community and also encouraging users to find like minded individuals to utilise EWOM (electronic word of mouth)
• Take followers behind the scenes – showcasing what you do and how things work

It’s going to be interesting to see what else Instagram can do in the next 12 months, so watch this space…

Interested? Or maybe you already have Instagram but aren’t quite sure how to get the most of it. Well whether it’s Instagram or any social channel we can help you get the most out of this digital world we live in today. Get in touch today – we would love to hear from you and see how we can help!

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