This week’s blog takes an audio twist as we introduce the first-ever Cornerstone playlist. Chosen by the team, we have compiled 30 of the songs that get us going, as well as those memory-evoking favourites, and the tunes we just can’t seem turn off. At just over 2 hours it’s well worth a listen and gives a musical portrayal of a week at Cornerstone.


Monday is all about motivation and we start with a song from the boss and one he particularly loves listening to in a morning to kick off the working day. Cara’s choice of ‘Proud’ is next in an attempt to inspire the team for the week ahead. Tracks 3 & 4 tie together beautifully by name (not so much by genre!) to toast the team’s punctuality. We round off Monday with Everything Now by Arcade Fire – which was the song Kat played in the car driving to her first day at Cornerstone.


Tuesday tends to be a mellower day as we settle in to the week. The first track ‘Alt Der Glimter’ by Danish band Fugleflugten translates to ‘All that glitters’ and is a daily play for Kat. Tuesday also includes favourites from Nicola and Sarah, and a track that gets Cara in to a tizz before ending with a classic from Phil Collins – just try not to imagine a gorilla playing the drums!


Wednesday sees a shift in style as we Rock ‘n’ Roll our way over hump day (awfully tenuous link, sorry!) with a trio of songs with roots in Country Rock from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Dave’s current favourite band, The Cadillac Three. These are followed by Jess’ choice from a band she went to see after her very first day at Cornerstone.


Thursday or #ThrowbackThursday as the theme seems to be here; includes songs that could be classed as golden oldies and evokes happy memories of first dances and loved ones for members of the Cornerstone team. Chris couldn’t decide if ‘The Wanderer’ made it on the list because it best described his role at work, as he’s always on the move, or because it’s the song from his favourite game, Fallout 4. Either way this classic from the 60’s made it and sits just before David’s choice of ‘Somebody Told Me’ which he used to blast out cruising to university in his ‘pimped out’ Vauxhall Corsa.


Friday arrives and a party atmosphere descends over Cornerstone. What starts with songs with a faster tempo soon develops into a regular feature within the studio known as ‘Reggae Hour’ including Mubarak’s choice of Sean Paul. The only way to follow this is to revisit the sounds of the 90’s including the one and only Scooter. We end the playlist like any good wedding or party, with ‘My Way’ from Frank Sinatra, the only artist to appear twice on this playlist.


There are two ways to enjoy the Cornerstone playlist: play it in order and take a musical journey through a week in the studio, or go for a shuffle play and enjoy the eclectic mix of music tastes in the team.


Now that you’re read all about the Cornerstone playlist, click below to give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Cornerstone DM