With the varied and vast amount of Web Technologies available on the market, it is always a difficult task to decide on the best possible framework for web projects.

This is where Laravel comes into play for many businesses wanting something a little unique. It is one of the most adaptable frameworks offering a large amount of functionality with room for complex bespoke programming, meaning it’s very adaptable and capable of meeting almost any web development requirement.

Laravel has a fast development cycle that responds to latest technologies quickly, so you are never left in the ice age as newer technology emerges. It seamlessly integrates with other front-end frameworks such as Foundation and bootstrap to build responsive Web apps, meaning your site will also use the latest and greatest in terms of look and feel too.

Unlike other frameworks available, you are not restricted to how things should be done. Laravel sets out the foundation as building blocks from which intricate functionality can be written and developed. The ever-growing community helps offer a bug free and well-tested framework to prevent any unforeseen issues along the way too, critical to any commercial site.

How can this benefit your company?

Temple engine – Laravel offers a simplistic approach for web page management. Your company can benefit from this as it offer’s an ingenuous way to create amazing views and layouts without the complicated mix of complex code and design.

Artisan – Developers can have core interactions with Web apps using command line to run commands out of the box. Commands such as database management and essential configurations can be manipulated easily thereby reducing development time, which brings great savings for our clients.

Libraries – Several libraries such as authentication and hashing algorithms are pre-installed which are not found in other frameworks . These libraries help extend the application’s offering while delivering a refined process in terms of well-tested modules and extensions.

MVC (Model View Controller) architecture – Laravel follows the MVC approach, certifying a clarity between logic and appearance. This greatly improves performance and a strong structure to allow developers the ability to easily keep track and debug any issues that may arise effectively.

Security – Every web project requires strong security to prevent unwanted access to vital information. Laravel handles such aspects within the framework. Hashed and salted passwords are used for registrations / authentication, which means your passwords and other vital information are not stored as plain text in the database. Prepared SQL statements are used when querying the database to tackle SQL injections.

The above is just a fraction of what Laravel has to offer. Whether your business is small, medium or large, this framework can be adapted to suit your needs. If you want your business to be well equipped with bespoke functionality on the web, then we strongly recommend Laravel to meet that desired goal.

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