One month on from Facebook’s big news feed changes, we take a look at how the social media platform, and the way you promote your business on social, has changed for the better.


If you missed the changes Facebook made, here’s the low down:


Posts that generate more conversation, likes, shares, and reactions are more likely to be featured on your news feed. This was the big statement that sent emerging Facebook business page owners and comfortable agencies into meltdown.


Publishers like described the move as the ‘News Feed Armageddon ’and on the surface it may have seemed like the end of the world.


Passive scrolling through a news feed would still have users seeing branded content from your Facebook page and positioning your brand so easily isn’t an option anymore.


Surely, this means you’ll have to spend more money on boosting, sponsoring and advertising your content.


Zuckerberg thinks the move will mean people spend less time on the platform, and engage less when they are on Facebook. That means fewer likes, reactions, and shares for your business page content.


But what most failed to realise is that this was a great new opportunity to get creative, be different, and publish content that’s going to make you stand out.


The changes will reward the ‘best’ published content and so this is the time to think outside of the box and really focus on the most engaging, high quality content you can.


How, you ask?


Here’s just a couple of ways we’ve upped our social media game since learning about the Facebook algorithm changes…


  1. Who is your audience?

Taking time to figure out exactly who your Facebook page’s audience is, and which demographic is the most engaged, will really help you focus and tailor your content to make it as meaningful as possible.


  1. The ‘see first’ feature

Reaching out to your loyal Facebook fans to make sure they turn on the ‘see first’ feature will ensure your content still appears in their News Feed. This is controlled in the News Feed Preferences area of your personal Facebook settings.


  1. Roll the camera!

We already knew video was the content that got you the highest engagement rates, and live video even more so. Now is the time to bin click bait status updates and start live filming the stuff your audience wants to see!

Not sure what is and isn’t worth filming? Our videographer has given our clients great social video results and can help you too – just get in touch. 😉


  1. Quality not quantity

Posting regularly isn’t going to be enough to get your content in front of users anymore. Focus on creating the best quality content at lesser intervals.


  1. There’s always ad

From what we’ve experienced so far, there’s been no knock-on effect to creating and distributing high quality Facebook ads. If you’re looking to get a sales message or promotion out to people in the short term, this is probably your best bet.


These are just a few of the many ways we’ve adjusted our social strategy over the last month to avoid doomsday and keep our clients’ social media presence firmly on their audiences’ News Feeds.


Think you could use a little social media help? Get in touch and let’s have a chat!

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