The call for digital media nowadays is staggering, which inevitably brings up the question of online VS offline marketing.

Digital marketing and offline marketing (often referred to as traditional marketing) are both very useful methods of raising brand and campaign awareness, as well as driving conversions, meaning that utilising both of these can prove doubly beneficial!

So, in this article we’ll be discussing the benefits of both approaches and how they work best together, as experienced first hand here at our marketing agency.

Online Marketing

Known by many names, including digital marketing, Internet marketing, and of course online marketing, this strategy is the most modern form of advertising and getting your brand out there. It is a very accessible and often either a free or very cheap way of advertising your brand, with the ability to target certain areas easily. However, it is just as easy to underestimate or underutilise the many uses and techniques of digital marketing.

Here are some of those techniques:

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

• Social Media Marketing

• Blogs

• Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

• Pay Per Click (PPC)

• Email Marketing

• Link Building

All of these things work towards raising awareness of brands, driving people to websites, and then making a conversion or sale.

You can read more about SEO in our 3-part blog, starting here, Pay Per Click blog here, and Social Media Marketing blog here.

Building a strong online presence helps you to be found by your target audience in the search results for major search engines, like Google. This means that people will find you more easily and therefore know about your brand and what you are offering.

This can be tied into offline marketing materials such as brochures, print adverts, and leaflets to help implement a strong brand awareness that can reach twice as many audiences!

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is great for a number of purposes, such as capturing the attention of passing trade, targeting specific industries through trade press, and also for creating helpful physical marketing materials, such as brochures, stationery, or leaflets. The potential benefit of this channel is great when considering raising brand awareness, product knowledge, and understanding of offers within the marketplace, and can really work to your advantage when executed properly.

Here are some of the techniques included in common offline marketing strategies:

• Billboard Ads

• Industry Magazines / Brochures Press Adverts

• Public Relations (with cross over to Digital Marketing)

• Corporate Stationery such as business cards, letterheads, and compliments slips

• Print & Media Buying

• Leaflets

• Direct Mail

• Signage

• Outdoor Advertising

• Mobile Advertising (buses, bikes, etc.)

Using offline marketing to target passive audiences or to enforce the awareness and knowledge of your brand is highly effective in capturing potential customers or clients.

Implementing Online Marketing & Offline Marketing Together

We are a full-service marketing agency in Oldham, Manchester providing both online and offline services to our clients. We find that building a strong online and offline marketing strategy is the most beneficial to any business’ objectives as they tie into each other and help to represent your brand on the widest possible scale.

Here are a few of the campaigns that we have carried out for happy clients online & offline:

llk new website portfolio piece marketing• New branding, digital, and print work for Linda Lewis Kitchens (LLK). This case study involved us creating a totally new brand for LLK and carrying this through the design and development of their new website, as well as the design of online product brochures and corporate stationery.



royton collage work marketing• Design, digital, and print work for Oldham Active. Oldham Active launched a new centre recently and Cornerstone were heavily involved in the strategic marketing planning and execution, as well as the ongoing design, online marketing, in-centre POS and graphics, and customer engagement activity. This was all supported via their website, social media channels, and sales team interactions.



albion farm signage marketing• Design, digital, and signage work for Albion Farm Shop. This project involved the design of Albion Farm Shop’s website and signage to better represent their brand and what they do, as well as to catch the eye of passing trade. The website design (developed in 2010 with the theme being used as a direction for future work) ties in with the signage as it includes the brand message and theme, as well as colours to create brand recognition both online and offline.

Take a look at our marketing portfolio here to see more Manchester-based projects both online and offline carried out by our fantastic team. So in summary, creating strong online and offline marketing strategies that work together can increase brand exposure, help to target the right people, and ensure that your target audience recognises you instantly.

If you would like to discuss what we could do for your brand, why not call Cornerstone, a full service marketing agency in Manchester on 0161 213 9941 or email and let us build a strategy that works for you.

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