Now that we’re fully settled into our bespoke premises, we thought we’d give you an update on the office and how we’ve adapted to our new building.

Since we made the move in September 2014, we have transformed the former Physiotherapy clinic into a true Cornerstone property! We renovated the building to incorporate the Cornerstone branding, including outdoor signage, indoor branding, and general interior design that keeps in theme with our work and mission statement.

Our boardroom features a 60’s advertising inspired table and keeps with the black and white theme, helping to create a corporate, yet playful feel. There’s also plenty of quotes scattered around the building which support our belief of how our business should run.


We also have a dedicated print room that allows us to provide print materials for our clients, therefore expanding our offering from design & marketing, to a fuller service advertising agency! (This is also useful for stopping us from sitting at our desks all day!)

We then have our Studio, which is where the true magic of Cornerstone happens!

The whole team, (now 7 strong as we have continually expanded!) is based here to allow for better communication and employee morale; we all truly get to know each other and feel comfortable liaising on projects, (as well as increasing the chances of getting a brew.)

We are seating in teams, with Digital in one area, and Design in another, but all within 10 feet of each other, allowing for easy communication on similar tasks and reviewing and analysing each other’s work to make sure it’s the best it can be! We are also joined by Wilson, the office Labrador and Cornerstone Mascot, posing below.


Also in line with the brand colours, black and white, the kitchen allows for a space to unwind on lunch hours and a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Cornerstone working day. Make sure to check back soon for updates on the kitchen, as we look to include some entertainment features too!

We’re truly proud of our premises, which make for a great space for clients to meet and brainstorm ideas for their next campaign, ensuring their marketing is on point, in line with requirements and likely to actually deliver a positive outcome. See our gallery below for more images of around the building!

To see how our growing team could help you, why not call 0161 213 9941 to discuss any requirements or projects.


Cornerstone DM