Today is said to be the gloomiest day of the year.


Blue Monday, the third Monday in January, is supposedly the most depressing day of the year, based on the following formula:

[W + (D-d)] x TQ M x Na

W=weather D=monthly salary d=debt T=time since Christmas Q=time since failing New Year’s resolutions M=motivation levels Na=the feeling of need to take action

Instead of letting this day beat us down, we are here to brighten up your day. After all, we have been helping our clients get through each and every day for 12 years now! Whether you need a brand refresh, new literature, a new website, an effective digital strategy or new signage & interiors, we are here to work with you to deliver the results you’ve always wanted to achieve.


We have put together 5 top tips for boosting your sales, as well as your mood in 2020…


1. First impressions DO count

It is said that customers form an opinion within 5 seconds of being exposed to your offering!
This opinion includes the quality of the product/service and whether it is right for them, and will solve their problems. Therefore, first impressions really do count.
Make sure that your website, social media, design, signage & email marketing are truly reflective of your quality and offering.

2. Focus on the problem, not the product

Start with the “why?”
Why should people care about your product? Why should people buy from you and not your competitor? Why do people NEED your product?
People are unlikely to care about your offering until you have painted a picture of the problem you can solve for them.
Your 2020 marketing strategy should focus on the challenges your customer is facing and how you can help them, rather than flashy offerings and content focused around self-promotion. This involves research on current market needs and trends. Our Account Managers specialise in strategy, and can do all the digging into your company and target market to make your 2020 strategy and content work the hardest yet.

3. Video marketing

Video will become a HUGE part of marketing in 2020, and if you’re not posting engaging snippets of your product, service & business, it’s safe to say you’ll be the odd one out.
Video is the best way to showcase your product or service in action. Video marketing is known to have the best ROI, especially when accompanied by a CTA.
At Cornerstone, we produce in-house videos for the majority of our clients. These range from short motion graphic videos to corporate annual reports. Ready to film your way through 2020? Get in touch!

4. Communication

Customers are expecting responses to their questions and complaints to be faster than ever and it has been found that 82% of customers are expecting immediate, real-time responses! Want to get on board? The digital team at Cornerstone can help ease the pressure of responding by can help you to set up automated Facebook responses to ease the pressure off your team by responding to questions on social media platforms.

Want to go the extra mile? Why not talk to us about a chatbot or live chat on your website?

5. Personalise & automate

Finally, and not surprisingly, email marketing is still growing in popularity in 2020. 59% of customers claim that emails directly influence their purchasing decisions. However, the key to email success this year is personalisation and automation.
Personalisation involves tailoring the message in each email to suit the customer and their buying habits. Automation involves sending emails automatically at key points within the buyers journey. Want to know more? Ask your account manager or get in touch today!



By Paige Coulthurst, Social Media Executive.

Cornerstone DM