Sarah has been involved in Graphic Design & Art from an early age. She has developed her skills over the years to become an extremely creative & artistic designer and now leads our Creative team in developing creative advertising campaigns.

Sarah Smethurst Head of CreativeWhat aspect of your job do you like the most?

I love having something different to work on everyday. The variety of clients and brands is vast and a great challenge that I just can’t seem to get enough of.

• Which projects have you been working on this month?

The stand out one has to be OCL’s new centre marketing. It’s been a bit full on recently and once the two brand new centres open it will be good to finally see everything all come together.

• Why do you like being in this industry?

 It’s great to have the opportunity to be so creative ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!

• Describe a typical day at Cornerstone.

First thing’s first, I have to make a cup of tea. Then i check my emails, do a schedule of my work for the day then start to work through everything. I get quite a few client emails through the day so respond to these as I go and swap and change my schedule accordingly if anything urgent crops up, which it normally does. I generally just end up working through my lunch as the day seems to go so quickly and as a creative it’s generally quite hard to stick to timescales and projects do often run over. Then before I leave I check through my emails again, quickly working out what I’ll be doing the next day, have a tidy of my desk and power down.

• What makes Cornerstone different to places you’ve worked before?

• I think what makes Cornerstone different is our friendly and open approach. We have a great team atmosphere where everyone is on a level peg. There’s no hierarchy as such meaning that everyone is approachable and dependable which I think is why we have such a strong team.

• Who makes the best brews in the office?

Keshio makes a good builders brew – nice and strong mmmmm!

• What’s the best thing about working for a non-corporate company?

Flexibility and personable, it’s more like we’re all friends rather than colleagues

• What part of office life do you dislike the most?

Never finding time to have a lunch, not bad for the waistline tho

• Favourite Film or Book

Big film lover so that’s a tough one, It’s got to be a christmas film though – Home Alone is a classic that never gets old
• Biggest Life Lesson

Don’t worry, be happy! Yep, I just quoted Bobby McFerrin 🙂

• Favourite Meal

A new favourite for me has to be Five Guys burgers. I’m sure everyone in the office is getting sick of my new found burger love

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