Mubarak joins Cornerstone to help further develop our web offering, bringing new technologies to the Company that add a further level of customisation to our clients’ online presence.

Mubarak Web Developer at Cornerstone DM What aspect of your job do you like the most?

I am constantly learning and figuring out the best practices in development, making it a fun and challenging experience. Being a web developer allows me to apply some creativity and thought process in tackling problems effectively. The sense of accomplishment when a project is complete is a bonus!

• Which projects have you been working on this month?

It has been very varied – I recently worked on developing the Paisley Website, which was my very first full build at Cornerstone. This was a great experience as I learnt a lot more on what WordPress CMS has to offer. Apart from this, I have worked on projects ranging from front-end development to back-end development.

• Why do you like being in this industry?

I get to work with the latest and cutting edge technology to better improve the development process while providing a quick and efficient solution to clients needs.

• Describe a typical day at Cornerstone.

A typical day involves getting to work and setting up my different browser and software tabs ready to reply to internal and external queries. I then work my way through the upcoming deadlines while interacting with the team.

• What makes Cornerstone different to places you’ve worked before?

The passion, willingness to help and work as a team is evident at Cornerstone in comparison to previous employments. Everyone here brings something different to the table.

 • Who makes the best brews in the office?

Yet to sample, will make my judgment soon! But in the mean time I guess I do…

• What’s the best thing about working for a non-corporate company?

Varied work, which helps improve skills in different areas, this has helped me gain some experience in areas I never expected to tackle.

• What part of office life do you dislike the most?

The odd software issues can be a problem but easily sorted in most cases.

• Favourite Film or Book

Tough choice, I’ll have to say Intersteller.

• Biggest Life Lesson

Every experience in life is valuable, good or bad.

• Favourite Meal

Lamb karahi with boiled rice.

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