It’s been a crazy few weeks at Cornerstone HQ as we have worked tirelessly on a rebranding project for Recycle for Greater Manchester (R4GM).

I’ve worked on many exciting rebrand projects whilst at Cornerstone, but this is probably the biggest to date.

As the dust settles on the launch of their new website, I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a little insight into how it has all come together so far.

The logo

What started as a concept at the back end of 2016, the logo has gone through various stages of development and refinement, internal scrutiny, client feedback, and consumer focus groups before arriving at its final form.

With a logo that needed to communicate a great deal, the main challenge with R4GM’s logo was to achieve this in the simplest format.

The final outcome has been developed using the shortened R4GM alias surrounded by the main circular graphical element. This circular element contains most of the meaning behind the logo. Not only do the nine segments each represent one of the nine councils associated with the scheme but also they purposely surround the ‘GM’ letters to help suggest strength in the community within and around Greater Manchester. Additionally, the circle is a common shape recognised with recycling and supports a theory of circular motion that is an important ethos of the organisation.

The brand

Whilst still in its infancy, the brand is rapidly developing into a strong visual identity for the scheme.

The application of a strong and vibrant colour scheme has been a key element to the design work so far and with support from the chosen typeface and the simple illustration style we have adopted, the brand aesthetic is developing a consumer-friendly appearance that we had hoped to achieve.

We are excited to work on future projects and campaigns for R4GM that will allow us to utilise and strengthen the brand in order to create communications that ultimately have a positive effect on the levels of recycling throughout Greater Manchester.

The website

Everyone in the Cornerstone office was very excited to launch the website. Not just because we had worked so hard on it, but so we could finally share it with others.

The design and development of the site was an intense process and nothing like I had ever worked on before. We went through the site with a great level of detail to design and implement the various functionality aspects of the site, carefully considering the user experience throughout. The main aim of the website was to allow users to access the information they needed in the quickest and easiest manner. In a joint effort with our coding whizz, Mubarak, we strategically developed the drop down menu functionality found on most pages that allow the user to select relevant options, depending on their location and direct them to the information they were looking for.

As a team, we are very proud of the final outcome and we feel the result truly reflects the hard work we put in.

The R4GM site is live now. Go and check it out at and let us know what you think!

Cornerstone DM