Responsive website design is now one of the latest trends thanks to the substantial rise in mobile devices, such as smart phones and iPads.

This has lead to a massive increase in online shopping which has rapidly increased by a staggering 500% in the last 2 years! Needless to say, responsive web design is the way forward as it will convey your content effectively to a wider market, helping you to maximise sales!

So what is responsive website design I hear you ask?

A responsive website works on a grid system and establishes the device in which you are viewing the site on, which then automatically alters the appearance of the site based on the screen size it is being viewed on. Responsive websites can be designed and configured to alter the text and button sizes according to the dimensions of the device, making navigation and usability much easier whilst optimising the overall user experience.

By having this user-friendly approach applied to your site, you dramatically decrease the chances of losing traffic and online sales. There are more refined ways of creating responsive web for mobile devices, and that includes formatting elements to hide when opened on a mobile device, totally different information being displayed, or even a variant in colours and graphics. You can even have it styled to hone in on the most important sections of your site.

Having a website that works on almost any device is soon to be a necessity as the mobile market continues to rocket. There’s nothing worse than having to scramble your way around a website on a small device. If your customer is not provided with a simple and easy to navigate website they will simply move on to a competitor who will offer better navigation and an overall better user experience. There is no point in spending hard earned cash on a site and not be able to hold the consumers attention or even keep them on it! Recent figures suggest that 61% of mobile customers moved to another site if they had functionality problems or a bad user experience. This should trigger alarm bells for any business trying to encourage and retain customers through their website.

If it has been a while since you have had your website designed then maybe it’s time to consider a refresh to help propel yourself into the current trend that is becoming the norm worldwide.

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