In an ever-connected digital world of sharing, reviewing, blogging, and tweets, it’s important that you stand out from the crowd and have your customers coming back to you.

But how do you keep your customers engaged? Especially in such an enormous digital world?

Well, we’ve heard since the dawn of marketing-time: content is King. They’re not wrong. (Who are ‘they’ anyway?) I won’t dispute the claim, but I will say that it’s how you initially form and use your content that is just as important. After all, customers who ‘can’t live without’ your brand are of that mindset because there is a relationship there. You haven’t attacked them with aggressive advertising and crazy sales promotions that your usual price point will never live up to. Your customer has formed such strong emotions to your brand based on their experience with your people, and your content creation.

This is content that should be nurtured from its first conception. From that first squiggle on the ideas page, you should constantly keep in mind: your audience, your goals, what you want from this piece of content in six days, six months time.

Idea generation.

What are the different dimensions of content you need for your audience and your own business goals? Is the point to create a rational or emotional piece of content? Do you want to educate, inspire, entertain, or convince your audience? Do you want to do all four? These are the questions you need answering before you create a new piece of content.

Who is your audience?

In order to engage and encourage sharing of said piece of content, you hopefully have a good understanding of your customer, and you either have created or are willing to create, a long lasting relationship.

Let’s take the example of the Always #LikeaGirl campaign. Born just after the 2012 London Olympics, the #LikeaGirl campaign tapped into the same mindset as Sport England’s This Girl Can. Knowing modern women want to feel empowered and doing things ‘like a girl’, especially in sport, is not a negative; it’s something to be proud of. From this simple idea, knowing they wanted to inspire, they created a viral video that was shared on YouTube, and across social media, that received national attention. It was current, it was challenging, and it mattered.

Establish a solid platform.

Whether it’s a blog, a video, or a white paper, your piece of content needs to be clear and focused. Not only to delight your audience but to really nail that SEO aspect of the piece.

Not just that, but a really unique story angle is what sends your brand into the big leagues. Does anyone remember Christmas adverts before John Lewis? They were a brand that redefined what a Christmas advert was; it was different, it was engaging, and it got people talking. That’s what you need to strive for with every single piece of your content.

So once you’ve got your content created, and it’s the pinnacle of perfection, what do you do next? Just leave it hanging around in the ether of the internet? Of course not.

This content now needs to be nurtured further, and a strategy needs to be created around it to make sure you are attracting maximum traffic and sharing. But how do you do that effectively? That’s something that I’ll explore in my next blog, so stay tuned…

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