We’ve had the pleasure of helping provide Jenny with industry experience over the last few months as she completed her summer design internship at Cornerstone.

Jenny is currently studying for a degree in Design for Digital Media at Salford University, and is ready to start her final year. Before she leaves Cornerstone for the daunting final year of uni, we thought we’d catch up with her and see how her time at Cornerstone has been.

Q. How have you found your time here at Cornerstone?
I’ve really enjoyed my time at Cornerstone. I’ve learnt a lot about the industry which will be really valuable in my final year and for the future job hunt. I’ll be sad to leave Cornerstone, thank you for a great Summer.

Q. What’s working a typical 9 – 5 day been like after the joys of uni life?
It’s not actually as bad as most students first think, I’ve become quite accustomed to the earlier mornings!

Q. What have you enjoyed most about working with the team at Cornerstone?
My favourite part would have to be the team themselves, (Wilson included!) Everyone’s been welcoming, friendly, and helpful, making my time at Cornerstone really enjoyable.

Q. What has been your main challenge whilst working at Cornerstone?
My biggest challenge at Cornerstone was using industry programs I was less familiar with, like Adobe InDesign, when completing tasks. However, after using InDesign more often I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to use it!

Q. Have you learnt anything you feel you could take through to University and employment further down the line?
Having the opportunity to experience live campaigns and learn about how they work within an agency is great knowledge that I can take back to university to help with my final projects and hopefully eventual employment.

Q. Do you think you’ll ever accept a lovely cup of tea from the team?
Probably not before I leave, no, I’m just not a tea drinker! Perhaps I need to work on my tea drinking next academic year so I have a better chance of fitting into studio lifestyle when I graduate!

Q. Has working in a small agency lived up to your expectations, and has it differed to what you initially thought it would be like?
Definitely, if anything it’s been better than I initially expected. As a student you can hear horror stories about internships, but I can gladly say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Cornerstone.

Q. What element of your role here have you enjoyed the most?
I’ve loved the variety of tasks I’ve been given during my role at Cornerstone, but I’ve really liked learning a bit about copywriting, its not something I’ve done much of whilst at university and it’s a great skill to have. It’s something I’d like to develop further in the future.

Q. Would you look to work in the industry again when you leave university?
Definitely. Working in the design industry is something I’ve always wanted to do and after my experience at Cornerstone I’m certain I’d enjoy a job in the industry.

Q. If you had to describe your dream job, what would it be?
I haven’t actually given my dream job much thought, but I’d like to see myself in a job role similar to the one I’ve undertaken at Cornerstone.

Q. How are you feeling about going into your final year at University?
It’s hard to believe it’s my final year already, it’s come around so quickly! I’m excited to start now though, I’ve seen my timetable and modules so I’m looking forward to getting my degree and hopefully starting work next year.

Q. Any future ambitions you might have once leaving uni?
Not so much other than to get a job in the design industry and maybe take my camera to some cool places if I earn enough!

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