We appreciate good design here, clever designers with beautiful designs. So it seemed only right to speak to the designers at Cornerstone HQ and find out who their favourites are.

ONE: Saul Bass

American graphic designer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker. Best known for many film posters and title sequences (quite a few Alfred Hitchcock films). His style is unique and often mimicked. You may recognise this title in particular! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4L9J-CUAl8

TWO: Peter Saville

English art director and graphic designer. The main guy behind the work of Factory Records and the Hacienda. This is a choice from our designer, Dave, who has always loved the style of a lot of his work. Saville is the brain behind the iconic Joy Division album artwork, Unknown Pleasures.

THREE: Storm Thorgerson

English graphic designer and music video director, Thorgerson was best known for his work for rock artists such as Led Zeppelin, Biffy Clyro and Pink Floyd. He is behind so many iconic album sleeves since the 1960’s. All weird and wonderful! His work channels influences from Dali and Belgian surrealist, René Magritte.

FOUR: Pascal Campion

Chosen by our head of design, Sarah. Campion is a French-American illustrator and animator who depicts daily life through his art. “This guy is my ultimate favourite illustrator at the mo. His work is incredible, not just the way he illustrates but the topics he draws”.

FIVE: Jason Brooks

Artist, illustrator and designer. Brooks is well known for his design of Hedkandi artwork who achieved sales in excess of 5 million albums featuring his artwork. He has worked for various high profile clients such as Chanel, Saatchi and Saatchi and Vogue.

SIX: Harry Beck

This is the mind that created the iconic London underground map. He was a technical draughtsman but he has made the list as a designer. His work on the London tube map is so revolutionary because it’s wonderfully simplistic. He worked out that people didn’t need to know the true distance between stops, enabling the map to be clean & practical.

SEVEN: Jago Illustration

This is one of Nicola’s picks and it’s a really lovely example of an illustrator who produces amazing and dreamy artwork. “I like the tactile/textured effects he uses. A lot of his work is hand rendered then manipulated and polished up in illustrator and Photoshop”.

EIGHT: Si Scott

Scott is a graphic designer and illustrator who produces intricate designs. He has produced work for several big names, including Nike, Sony Music and Bombay Sapphire. He has expanded his artistic offering and now offers his skills in the world of tattooing.

NINE: Axel Scheffler

Scheffler is probably best known for his fantastic illustration of ‘The Gruffalo’. He is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed illustrator. He has illustrated some of the most well loved children’s books. Nicola and her son both love his work.

TEN: Justin Helton

Status Serigraph is the graphic design and poster work of Justin Helton, who since 2005, has been designing posters and artwork for some big names in the music business. He has combined his passion for music with his skills in art and created a portfolio of work which I absolutely love!


One, two and three are chosen by Dave.

Four, five and six are Sarah’s picks.

Seven, eight and nine are faves of Nicola.

I, (definitely not a designer) snuck one in at number Ten because I couldn’t resist.


By Kat Thomson









Cornerstone DM