With the internet becoming a major part of any company’s sales and marketing strategy, it has never been more important to generate good volumes of traffic to your website.

To do this however, you must ensure a good quality, well thought out search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy for your site, using both on-page and off-page SEO which is critical to your businesses success.

So what’s it all about then?

Search engine optimisation is all about making sure your site has content that is relevant to the keyword searches your target market will be entering into the likes of google.

It is also important to ensure your website content is what is known as ‘keyword rich’, basically meaning that the keyword(s) you’re aiming to get listed for through search engines is well documented and referenced within the site, through its page titles and body copy.

The saying often heard of ‘content is king’ has never been so true. Keep it relevant and ensure there’s enough of it for the search engines to pick up, but don’t make the common mistake of ‘spamming’ the content, as this can have a more damaging effect than doing nothing at all! And that’s not all, there are many best practices that should be followed for on-site SEO, with the correct use of meta description and title tags, relevant URL’s and adherence to current web standards, all of which should be on your SEO radar when conducting an exercise of this nature.

Once all of the above has been addressed, you should find that your site’s performance for what is known as ‘organic SEO’ will improve substantially for the keywords to which it has been optimised, which should in turn generate additional traffic and sales enquiries for your business.

Off-site SEO is a slightly different kettle of fish. The reason for this is that off-site SEO is based on generating links to your website, from other sites that have a significant relevance to the content of your own website.

By creating this one-way link, search engines such as google will see your site as an ‘authority’, giving you a better ranking than your competitors due to the quality of content linking into your site.

You must however be very careful with off-site SEO, as many outsourced SEO exercises go out of the UK which is often generated using poor quality links, and sometimes sites known as ‘link farms’, all of which can have a hugely negative impact on the SEO of your website. For this reason, all of Cornerstone’s SEO work is done in-house, right here at our Design Studio in Oldham, Manchester.

Cornerstone have recently carried out SEO exercises for a number of our clients, helping to improve both their on-page and off-page SEO significantly. One example of this is the SEO of Rayner Steel Security Doors, a UK manufacturer of steel doors who had work done on the site before being introduced to Cornerstone, but wanted to give it a real boost with best practices and a tailored approach in mind to help achieve the best possible rankings for their site.

The project has been underway for just under two months, and has already seen a huge rise in the ranking of five keywords, with further development taking place on another two.

To find out more about search engine optimisation, or to ask Cornerstone to do an SEO audit on your own website, contact us on 0161 213 9941 or email clients@cornerstonedm.co.uk.

Cornerstone DM