By Chris Hoy (not the cyclist!)


Since starting at Cornerstone in early 2016, I’ve had hands on experience of lots of exciting projects from interior signage and wall vinyl’s to large outdoor roadside signage, and pretty much everything in between.

I’ve learnt a lot along the way, and really got to know what working at Cornerstone is all about, aiming to give our clients the best possible service in everything that we do whilst having fun and taking real pride in our work.

It’s also been great to work on some intricate vinyl jobs since I started at the company, as it’s a specialism I’ve had a lot of past experience in, so we’ve been able to do some pretty impressive work on that front too!

We offer a wide range of services within our print room, far too many to go in to detail in this blog. So instead, I am reflecting on 2016 and looking back at two of my favourite jobs to give a quick insight in to my working days…



This project was my favourite of 2016.

Following an internal rebrand and our team developing an innovative new responsive website, we were tasked with bringing the Hyde Leisure building to life. High endurance printed window vinyl’s (and acrylic and dibond signage) gave the facilities a whole new look and feel, with the confidence that it would last. And even when I took the completion photos on a wet and miserable day, it still looked bright and colourful

Work carried out:

  • Window Vinyl’s for entrance
  • Acrylic Exterior Signage – stand off letters
  • Interior exit & reception signs

Why favourite?

  • Something totally different
  • Responsible for the project from start to finish – starting with a site survey to installation
  • Stemming from site survey – had multiple obstacles to overcome and was tasked with weighing up the best way of doing things
  • Challenging – instead of using standard shapes and straight board, we contour cut our acrylic, window vinyl’s and dibond materials to bespoke shapes using a laser cutter, plotter and flatbed router, and we had to be creative with vinyl’s to match up the shapes



This project comes a close second.

Following an innovative rebrand by the creative team, we were tasked with an office overhaul to help make the space better reflect the new brand and company values.

We had a completely blank canvas to work with, bringing our client’s vision to life (with a strong steer from our designer team). From a cityscape wall graphic made from custom cut vinyl, to vinyl wall quotes, window frosting, image boards and a backlit tray, we pretty much covered a variety of techniques, all of which came together perfectly to create a stunning office environment for the Edge Structural team.

Work carried out.

  • Vinyl Wall Graphics – cityscape
  • Wall vinyl’s – quotes
  • Vinyl wrapped solid substrates with locators
  • Window frosting
  • Custom Backlit LED Tray Sign with acrylic inset letters

Why favourite?

  • Complete blank canvas – completely changed the look
  • Worked and developed client vision
  • LOVE how much a (fairly) simple graphic can change a room
  • Backlit tray – not something I’d really worked on before this and it was good we put it together in-house with a really effective outcome


What I’d like to see in 2017

More backlit tray signs – really simple yet so effective when finished.

Whole projects – such as Glo gym. I really love to get stuck in to a meaty project, from start to finish and be involved in all aspects from start to finish so I hope we get more of these types of projects in 2017!


From pull up banners and wall & window vinyls, to backlit signs, posters and general signage, we can help bring your projects to life. Get in touch to find out more about what we offer or head over to our website to view some of our projects.



Cornerstone DM