With over 100 million people using Snap(chat) everyday and over 10 billion video views per day, there is no denying the increasing power of this platform.


So as the platform turns 5 and undertakes a rebrand, we take a look at the changes which have taken place over the past few years, explore how Snap(chat) has become what it is today today and how marketeers can use it to their brand’s advantage:  


September 2011

Founded by Evan Spiegal and Bobby Murphy, aged just 21 and 22 along with original cofounder Reggie Brown (no longer associated with the brand).


October 2013

Snapchat Stories are launched, allowing users to publish their content to all their contacts which then disappears after 24 hours


October 2014  

30 million users of the app, 3 years after Snapchat is founded

Advertising within the platform is launched, pushing the offering and increasing its power


January 2015  

‘Discover’ feature launched, connecting global brands with snapchat users to provide news and entertainment within the platform


September 2015 

Facial recognition is introduced, allowing users more interaction with the app by changing the way users look on their snaps.


September 2016  

Snapchat is rebranded as Snap Inc. to represent their evolving core offering as they goes way beyond the messaging functionality it started as.

Snap Spactacles are announced – a totally new type of sunglasses, with a built in camera helping make and capture your memories.  


In the US, Snap(chat) reaches on average 41% of all 18-34 year olds and is therefore a channel marketers can’t afford to ignore. So how can Snapchat help you?


Snap AdsSnap Ads
Full screen video ads allow brands to advertise in a 10 second snap, with interactive options such

as swipe up and see more, so consistent with other content on their snap inc. The interacive options expand the content beyond a video, offering longer video content, articles, apps and much more.

The swipe rate on these ads is 5x higher than the average click through rate on comparable platforms, so undeniably effective




Sponsored GeofiltersSponsored Geofilters

Geofilters are specially designed overlays which shows the ‘where’ and ‘when’ of a snap in a more fun way, and can be seen and sent by Snap’ers everywhere.

The content is based on location, so once a snap is taken, an overlay can be selected based on that particular location – so for example, if a snap was taken in McDonalds, the restaurant could have selected an overlay that is then added and shared with fellow Snap Inc. users.

This can help increase awareness of a location and also the desire to visit somewhere that images look really appealing.

In the US, a National Sponsored Geofilter typically reaches 40-60% of daily Snap’ers, so again, the potential results are something that should not be ignored.




Sponsored LensesSponsored Lenses

Sponsored Lenses offer a completely different type of brand interaction, with a new way for brands to make an impact in a fun and engaging way.

When using this, snap’ers get to turn their snaps into all sorts of things that reflect the brand, for example, Taco Bell launched a filter that turned your face into a Taco.

These filters can also include triggers to stimulate further content, so for example, opening your mouth and some Taco fillings falling out

The further interaction options can encourage users to engage with the brand for longer than a ‘flat’ filter, so is definitely something to brands wanting to use this channel to consider.

On average, snap’ers will play around with a Sponsored Lens for around 20 seconds, significant in today’s day and age, where digital interaction is usually of a short amount of time. Furthermore, as the content can be sent to chosen contacts or published on one person’s story, brands can increase awareness significantly and encourage interaction from
eWOM (Electornic Word of Mouth).



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