There’s been some amazing social moments, ones which challenge perceptions, ones which inform and ones which entertain. We’re taking a look at ten social moments which have really stood out.



Heineken; ‘Worlds Apart’

This is a fantastic win of a campaign. It went viral on YouTube and sparked a huge media buzz. The campaign focussed on people having more in common than what divides them and was intended to spur genuine discussion. Well crafted and carefully executed.



The New York Times; ‘The Truth is Hard’

This is a really simplistic advertising campaign, but it’s really striking. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. The bold messaging drives the point home and taps in to people’s dissatisfaction with false information. This was a strong post and one, which attracted attention.



Always; #LikeAGirl

After finding a drop in confidence and self esteem in teenage girls, Always decided to target the phrase ‘Like a girl’ with the aim of changing the connotation from one which has been largely negative, and transform it to be positive. After the campaign ran, the results spoke for themselves. With 76% of people Proctor & Gamble researched said that they saw the phrase positively.


Southern Rail; Eddie on Work experience

You might think that the least likely way of gaining positive media attention would be to leave a 15 year old work experience student in charge of your Twitter account, but for Southern Rail, it was Eddie to the rescue. Southern Rail who faced months of criticism for cancelled services and strike action found themselves in a surreal situation as Eddie temporarily lightened their situation and provided some well needed Twitter relief.



Chef Nusret Gökçe; Salt Bae

Social Media has done nothing but great things for Nusret, who thanks to his expert seasoning of meats became an Internet sensation. #SaltBae shares his videos on Instagram, an inherently visual platform that has allowed him to gain viral success. Nusret is now opening his first London restaurant due to popular demand.

salt bae










Avoracle; Lidl

Okay, so Avocados are just a bit popular at the moment (understatement of the year). Lidl jumped on this and produced the ‘Avoracle’. This quirky social media campaign aimed to “predict” the winner of a football match by revealing which side the pit ended up on after slicing.



Worldwide Breast Cancer; #KnowYourLemons

Launched worldwide, this campaign used lemons to show 12 unique signs of breast cancer. By using lemons, the campaign didn’t flag censors and alerted awareness in a tasteful and informative way. These posts were widely shared and viewed making it a successful campaign for raising awareness.



Old Spice; The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

With sales of body wash predominantly being made by women, Old Spice needed to re-appeal to the male market, whilst also speaking to the female audience. With a smooth talking actor and no time to overthink the ad’s direction, the campaign took off as a huge success with over 5.9 million YouTube views on day one.



Heinz; Pass the Heinz

Mad Men’s Dom Draper fictionally suggested this 50 years ago, but 4 years after the episode aired on AMC, Heinz ran sauce-less ads with the slogan ‘Pass the Heinz’. This was a clever way to advertise the product, and generate interest, without actually featuring the product.



So here we have it, number ten on the social moments list and probably my favourite.

Ikea; Blue Bag

When French fashion house, Balenciaga unveiled a fancy new leather bag, they surely weren’t expecting the quite frankly, superb reaction from Ikea which shortly followed. Balenciaga’s new design looks strikingly similar to Ikea’s famous blue shopping bag and Ikea’s creative hub quickly whipped up a comical post to explain to viewers how to tell the difference between the two, and make sure they were getting the real Ikea deal!

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