We’ve worked on some amazing projects. To celebrate ten years of Cornerstone, it seems only right to re-cap on ten of our branding projects.


ONE: Kirkham

This project was at the end of 2015, which seems an age away now! The old brand had a strong ‘K’ element, which we were keen to channel. The brand has three divisions; property, legal and financial and we wanted to represent these through their logo. The end result was a ‘K’ split into three colours, matching the different areas of the business. Cornerstone achieved a clean and contemporary brand for Kirkham.



Cornerstone was tasked with a full rebrand for R4GM (Recycle for Greater Manchester). Approaching the project, we knew it was going to be tough challenge to ensure the brand was in line with parent company GMWDA as well as remaining a brand in their own right. Tying in with the circular swish associated with recycling, Cornerstone created a clean new look, which is much more engaging, colourful and aimed at consumers.


THREE: Linda Lewis Kitchens

Once upon a time, Linda Lewis Kitchens were a corporate looking brand hiding a team of friendly and vibrant folk. Cornerstone wanted to create a new brand image, which really reflected their personalities. Based on Linda Lewis herself, Cornerstone created an illustrated character, giving the brand a personal and friendly feel whilst also working on a corporate level. The whole LLK team were pleased with their new brand and it sets them apart from their competitors.



ProAIM wanted a whole new look and feel whilst being in line with their industry. To keep the brand clean and modern, Cornerstone used two core colours, which are used throughout. Cleverly designed to align them as the perceived market leader within the industry, Cornerstone gave careful consideration to the project. For the website, the content structure and architecture of the website also helped to improve search visibility and user experience.


FIVE: GloGym

Cornerstone has been responsible for developing the brand since GloGym opened. With a wealth of experience in Leisure marketing, we have used our knowledge to develop a strong and engaging brand for the new leisure offering. Channeling their vibrant aesthetic, we continue to create elements with the use of duo tones to have a striking and eye-catching appearance.


SIX: Interland

This was a big project for Cornerstone as it involved creating quite extensive brand guidelines. Once the logo was created, we focussed on other elements to take their brand forward. We designed everything from stationary, brochures, internal documentation, work wear and signage. Both the client and ourselves were delighted with the end result.


SEVEN: Dr Kershaw’s

This one was a really lovely project as the aim was to widen the appeal of volunteering for a local hospice. Dr Kershaw’s Hospice relies heavily on people giving up their time and volunteering. Cornerstone was tasked with a whole new 2017 volunteer marketing campaign. The end result mixes real life imagery with a bright and colourful campaign, which attracts attention and includes volunteer’s stories. From print alone, Dr Kershaw’s saw a rise in volunteers of over 25% and around a 30% increase in enquires.


EIGHT: Edge Structural Design

Cornerstone was tasked with bringing the clients vision of their company, to life. Their desired look and feel was not deliverable with the previous branding and so what started, as a simple task became a full re brand. Once the logo had been designed, then came a bespoke website, a full suite of literature and then an entire office fit out. The end result was a clean and contemporary look, which sets them apart from their competitors and is one that both Cornerstone and Edge are extremely proud of.


NINE: Royton Leisure Centre

Coming in at number nine is Royton Leisure Centre. Cornerstone was briefed by Oldham Community Leisure to generate new Royton Leisure Centre Marketing Materials. The aim was to promote the centre and increase memberships. Being part of OCL, the marketing materials needed to tie in with the brand, whilst also setting it apart on it’s own. The end result was very well received and has had a positive impact on generating new interest and awareness.


TEN: Rose & Lee Vintage Living

It’s hard not to continue this list, but we’ll round it off with a lovely project for a totally new business start up. Rose & Lee asked for our help and guidance with their brand. They wanted their branding to look fresh for a long period of time, and represent the high quality of service which they offer. Cornerstone had a fast turnaround on this project, and designed all brand elements and stationary within one month of project initiation.


So there we have it, ten wonderful branding projects from Cornerstone. We can’t wait to see what it is store for us over the next ten years.

Cornerstone DM