Design is present every single day, in everything we see, in everything we do. It’s influence is in the clothes we wear, the transport we use and the homes we live in.

As a nation, we watch shows about design all the time, we love seeing peoples imaginations come to life, through buildings, clothes and delicately decorated food.

At Cornerstone, we understand and appreciate the importance of superb design. So here are ten of our best and most favourite designs, some of which have been developed by the Cornerstone design department and some, which we just really appreciate.


ONE: Wild In Art, The Snowdog Trails – Cornerstone DM

This is a really lovely website design; it’s clean, crisp and drums up excitable Christmas feelings. The white background works like a soft snowy background cushioning adorable Snowdog figurines and the block colours separating different website sections have either crisp lines or chalky edges which tie in to the Snowdog hand drawn animation.

Snowdog Art Trails



TWO: AnZa Concrete Coffee Machine – Montaag

We love design here at Cornerstone HQ, and that includes product design. I’ll throw it out there right now, that I adore concrete items, and this is no exception. The AnZa coffee machine is an espresso maker with brutalist accents, combining style and function for contemporary interiors. I love the simplicity of this design. Too often our lives are cluttered with buttons and dials, which we rarely use, this takes those options away and leaves us with the designs sole purpose. Coffee.


THREE: Modern Fuel Pencil – Modern Fuel Design

Here’s one, which all the designers at Cornerstone HQ will appreciate, as we’re going old (new) school, with a pencil. Not just a pencil though, this is a pencil which will last a lifetime. This mechanical pencil is made from a single piece of metal that is strong and durable. The sleek design, contemporary colours and intriguing nature of this product make it a beautiful and unique design.

FOUR: The Wikkelhouse – Fiction Factory

Design comes in all shapes and sizes, and this one is a lovely example. ‘Wikkelen’ is the Dutch word for wrapping. The construction of these house pods is based on a rotating house-shaped mould, which is wrapped layer upon layer in cardboard and fixed with eco-friendly superglue. The design is simple, and I think that’s what makes it so lovely. Without over-cluttering, the interior is finished in a lightweight plywood, producing an airy and open space.


FIVE: Halton Council Annual Report – Cornerstone DM

Halton Council approached Cornerstone with a clear idea of the direction they wanted to take and the whole Cornerstone team was excited to get stuck in to this project that was pretty different to annual reports we had done in the past. The illustrations created and used throughout the report were representations of individuals from the borough and gave the annual report a personality like no other – especially for a document that is usually very text heavy. We love this clean, diverse, and vibrant design!


SIX: Moonraker Speaker – Bossa Sound

Retro but modern, this wireless speaker boasts a white polymer shell, handmade wooden legs and crisp sound quality. The white orb which houses the speaker looks almost like an eye with a black pupil speaker sitting in the middle. This is a cleverly designed item, which turns an everyday item into a statement piece without sacrificing sound quality.


SEVEN: Edge Structural Design – Cornerstone DM

Speaking of clever design, Cornerstones rebrand of Edge Structural is one which uses clean, crisp design elements to product a contemporary and professional look. Cleverly linking the D and G in the logo to symbolise one of their main aims; to develop strong and long lasting client relationships, a perfect example of how Cornerstone never skimp on the little details.

Edge Structural Logo















EIGHT: Standing Desk – Artifox

This one will no doubt resonate with most people reading this blog. If you’re one of the many millions of people who spend their day sat down in front of a computer, then this design from Artifox will likely peak your interest. This minimalist design blends premium craftsmanship with modern design whilst being functional. This standing desk has a built in dock to keep cables in place, hooks for headphones/bags and is better for your health.


NINE: Manchester Emergency Fund – Cornerstone DM

Following the atrocious attack at Manchester arena earlier this year, Manchester Emergency Fund was established to receive donations to help those affected by the attack. Cornerstone was approached to design and build a website to cope with the massive amount of people donating to the cause. The result is a design, which channels the Manchester community spirit, highlights the bee emblem representative of people working together and is themed to Manchester Emergency Funds core values.


TEN: Mobile Thrill – Archetypisch/SNDRV

Currently in use in the basement of the EYE film museum in Amsterdam, this design takes you on a sensory experience where your brain, ears and eyes are all engaged. This contemporary display is a clever design, which is both interactive and exciting. The users pick a film to display on big screens whilst small film clips play on repeat around the edges.


Eye Film Museum

Cornerstone DM