The process of transforming the overall look of one thing, and changing it to something completely different is something we do daily in the print and design industry.

But one aspect I find really enjoyable is the art of car or vehicle wrapping which will be the subject of this blog; and it really is an art!

Vehicle wrapping comes in various shapes and sizes with two main types of wrapping, commercial wraps and colour change wraps, and two main types of material, colour change films and digital vinyls.

  • Colour Change wrapping – it does what it says on the tin; changing a vehicle from one colour to another
  • Commercial wrapping – these tend to be more digitally based prints. A design is worked up and then applied. This type of wrapping tends to be more for marketing purposes to promote brands and business on the exterior of a vehicle.

Materials for vehicle wrapping are vast nowadays. Technologies within the industry make installation and application easier, faster, and cleaner than ever before, giving the best finishes imaginable. Personally, the best material I’ve used has been the ARLON DPF 6000XRP. This is a gloss white cast film with bubble releasing, tinted, clean removing, repositionable, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. The X-Scape Technology™ system allows installers to achieve a speedy installation while maintaining a high enough tack to ensure a long-term bond. Designed for large format graphics, DPF 6000XRP is made of premium quality cast facestock with a lay-flat liner. The adhesive system is designed to provide excellent opacity, as well as easy installation. The film provides superior conformability around rivets, curves, contours and channels.

It may sound technical to the average Joe, but that’s why wrap training is highly advised. Although, as with many skills, practice makes perfect!

At Cornerstone, we’ve recently had our own van wrapped. The main body of this was done externally due to time and facilities, but we added our own finishes touches at Cornerstone HQ. Colour is a big part of Cornerstone, so we applied the green Cornerstone stripe and added the finishing touches to the lower dot graphics on the side of the van.

And of course, vehicles aren’t the only things that can be vinyl wrapped. At Cornerstone we vinyl wrap just about everything; doors, cupboards, tray signs, di-bond, foam board – you name it! Whatever the challenge clients put in front of us, we can always find a solution.

Not had your fill of vinyl wrapping info? Take a look at wrapping in action in the video:


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