Plenty of businesses have a website nowadays, and most think their website plays a vital part in converting new prospects into paying customers, but most business owners don’t really know if their website is doing all it truly can for them.

So here are a few simple tips and tricks to understand what your website is doing, and if it really is achieving the cash flow it should be for your business.

Follow these five steps to get a good understanding:


Dive into Google Analytics – When did you last check what traffic you were getting, and where it was coming from? Understanding if your traffic is of a high standard, and relevant is key. Have a look today; you might be surprised!


Check your site for broken links – Google hates broken links, and so too do your users. They hate them that much, that users can drop off your site at the point of a broken link, and Google even move you down the rankings. Check your site using a tool such as


Check your page speed – In the day of 3G and 4G connections, mobile devices, and working on the move, website speed is becoming of greater importance to users and Google alike – therefore, having a fast site is a key ranking factor for search engines and positive user experience. Simply Google the term ‘Google Page Speed’ and follow the steps to see how your site performs.


Make sure you’re secure – There are lots of websites out there on the internet, but so many aren’t secure. There are some simply ways to check if yours meets the grade. First of all, does it have an SSL certificate? Easiest way to check is to see if the green bar appears on your browser when visiting the site, if it does, great, you’re secure. If you want to go one step further, follow this link and see what the results produce –


Make sure it’s human – It might sound silly, but making sure your website makes sense, is easy to navigate and human in its approach is a key element that many people overlook in their race to optimising content for search, and not for people!


The above five steps are just scratching the surface of what you should be doing with your website, but is a great starting point to help you along the right path to future success! If you want to get to know anything more about how to make sure your website is as good as it can be, give us a ring on 0161 213 9941.

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