You may have heard or come across the words ‘bespoke’ and ‘template’ before, but what do they actually mean in terms of web design and development?

When you have a bespoke website, it means a brand new development that has been tailored to your business based on your company’s requirements and ultimate goals and objectives.

Templates are sold online which are pre-made “websites”. Businesses purchase these templates so they can create a website easily, and at an affordable price. However, few realise the knock on effects these templates can have to a website, including: a decline in Google search rankings, having the exact same website design as another company, and not to mention the security risks.

There are numerous reasons why a bespoke website is the way forward when compared to pre-made website templates. Below are some advantages:

1) Cost – Cost is a major factor for any project. Every project demands various requirements, which obviously dictates the cost. Bespoke websites are usually more expensive than premade templates. That said, a bespoke website is written from scratch and developed to your exact specifications, so a lot of time and dedication goes into the design of each individual element of what is often your consumers first point of contact with your brand.

2) Design – A key advantage of bespoke websites is the fact that they are ‘one of a kind’. The design team will work on wireframes based on your requirements and bring your vision to life.

3) Functionality – Using a pre-made template also limits your site functionality. You may require certain functions on your website which may be critical for user experience. This is where bespoke websites excel as every function you require, within reason, is achievable. This can all be developed and tested to ensure the finished product is bug-free.

4) Security – As previously mentioned, templates come with security risks. Templates are sold by the thousand, thereby creating room for hackers to target the most popular templates and carry out attacks on websites powered by these templates. Bespoke websites on the other hand, as they are tailor made, profoundly reduce security risks. There is also minimal use of plugins or extensions as you build what you need from the get go, therefore reducing the requirement for add-ons later down the line.

5) SEO – SEO, to those not familiar with the term, stands for Search Engine Optimization – it is the art of improving your rankings on Google. It is a very important tool for businesses; if you rank highly for a keyword or phrase then your website will get a lot of traffic. The time your website takes to load, the structure, code and general usability has a big impact on your rankings. SEO, if fully optimised, on bespoke websites vastly helps to improve your website visibility on Google search results.

At Cornerstone, we pride ourselves on bespoke, tailor made websites in order to make our clients’ online presence unique and stand out from the crowd. Get in touch to discuss your project ideas and requirements.

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