With all the talk of content in the world of SEO, it’s easy to wonder whether it really is as important as everyone says it is.

Well, for starters, Google has a ‘Content Quality Score’, which helps to influence the rank of a page containing any kind of content.

Quality Content and its importance.

Google is constantly looking for fresh and unique content on every site it indexes so that it can provide relevant and interesting results to its user.

This means that every time a new page or article is posted onto a website, Google will either reward or punish it; so those that constantly duplicate content without good reason will notice their rankings start to slip!

On the flip side, if you have loads to talk about regarding your industry and expertise and you show this in your content, you could end up ranking for key search terms that allow you to get found by your desired audience, and sometimes new audiences you didn’t even realise were relevant.

How is content scored?

The type of content that a website can contain varies, which means that there are equally varied ways of scoring it. We do know that the search giant determines its scores using previously found patterns of quality; this basically means it will look over the pages of the site and compare their content to the patterns to determine their value and assess how interesting they are to the regular user.

If you’re still following after all this content about content, here are a few tips for how to keep your website in Google’s good books.

Make sure your content has a point.

No one wants to read something that they already know; so make sure your content is targeted specifically towards your audience and their interests. Create something that will make them think long after they close the page or, even better, make them want to keep it open! Also, don’t scrimp on the length; keep your audience’s attention for as long as possible, but be careful not to make it a chore for them to finish.

Would you read the content yourself?

Ask yourself this question before you go posting any old content or you might as well be shouting about your insights to an empty field. An interesting article is an article that will contribute positively towards your marketing efforts, so read through it as you go along and make sure it maintains a good tempo throughout. Also, make sure to give it a proofread so that you give off the right impression to your audience, as well as show that you care about what you put on your website and the advice you might be providing.

Make your content shareable.

One of the purposes of creating good quality content is to get your name out there; what good would it be if it only appeals to one person? Ensure that everything you write about will be suitable for wide audiences, has the potential to be shared on social media, and that it will ultimately be of use to anyone who might come across it.

This isn’t a definitive list, but it will get you on your way for creating some great interest pieces and sparking interest in your company, products and services!

So, don’t be threatened by the hype that surrounds content marketing, get inspiring and write some interesting content that will benefit your website presence today!

Cornerstone DM