As a busy advertising agency we see plenty of clients of different shapes and sizes commission us to carry out anything from a national marketing campaign straight down to a simple brochure or website design, but one thing that can sometimes get overlooked is the copywriting that goes into these important marketing pieces.

Quite often the idea of generating a full scale advertising campaign or website re-launch is the primary focus, and why not, it’s exciting, is a great way to advertise and grow your business, and is really rewarding for all involved. The importance of good quality copy and content however can’t be overlooked.

Great copy can make a superb piece of design even more powerful, combining stunning visuals and content that gets a response from the target audience – something that captivates peoples attention, makes them stop, think, or want to find out more.

Copy within press adverts or billboard advertising is quite often some of the hardest to get right, but when you do, it can be the most rewarding too! Trying to summarise your entire business offering in just a few short punchy words can sometimes seem difficult, but by putting time and energy into the copy, you can quite often find exactly what it is that makes your brand, product or service unique, and then shout about it!

Online copywriting is also key to a businesses growth and development.

With major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing now focusing more on content over back-links (thank God!), we are seeing a greater need than ever before to offer quality content that is good for the consumer and good for search engine optimisation, (SEO) too.

Writing copy for websites is sometimes tricky, but done right, you can blend engaging content for users with keyword rich content for search engines, enabling your organisation to offer potential customers the information they really want, and offer them a great channel (search engines) to find it through.

No matter what your next marketing activity may consist of, ensure your content is seen as King! Consider the use of a professional copywriter, PR agency or advertising agency to help you out if you’re unsure of where to start, and ensure you set yourself key performance indicators, (KPI’s) to measure your campaign’s true success.

Cornerstone DM