Despite social media being the third most used marketing channel in the UK behind Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC), it can often be undervalued and even ignored by a lot of businesses.

So, why exactly is social media such a good marketing tool and what can it do for your business?

First of all, we’ll talk about why social media marketing is beneficial for all kinds of brands:

1. Diversity

With so many social channels out there including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more, there’s plenty of room for diverse marketing strategies dependent on those channels. Twitter’s 140-character limit challenges brands to be short, snappy, and to the point with their posts, whilst Facebook allows for posts over 5,000, giving companies the means to provide plenty of detail, links, and images all in one, easily catching the eye of their audience.

2010 saw the launch of Pinterest and Instagram, the first photo-based social networks, which have both become more and more popular for businesses worldwide ever since. The rise in ecommerce and online retail companies has grown considerably and also makes for great case studies particularly on photo social networks, as Pinterest allows them to post images of their products with a link to buy in one place.

2. Availability

Setting up a business’s social media account is super easy, meaning that you can instantly start posting and engaging with your target audience. Social media platforms are also free with the option of promoting content, so that you can choose the way you want to market your brand and with the addition of the hashtag, you can still reach huge amounts of people without having to pay for extras.

3. Statistics

There are 1.35 billion users on Facebook, 284 million users on Twitter, and 540 million users on Google + each month in the UK, (Marketing Donut) and many of those people are likely to be your target audience! Reaching these audiences and creating engagement and interaction can easily be achieved by taking a proactive view to your social media marketing and utilising these channels to their fullest extent.

Recent figures also show that 71% of people buy from brands that they follow on social media (Ad Week, Social Times,) which further supports the need for marketing your brand successfully on social media to help in driving conversions.

Because of these points, marketing your business on social media can bring:

1. New Customers & Awareness

The reach on social media is huge, increasing the chances of people finding you and therefore finding out about your brand, which of course ties into the ultimate aim of marketing; to raise awareness of your business and get people to either commit to your brand or buy your products or services.

Statistics show that people will look for, or visit the website of a brand they find on social channels, so keeping your social content updated and interesting in line with your brand ethos and personality is a vital part of your digital marketing strategy!

2. Personality

Having active social media accounts allows you to develop a brand personality and relationship with your followers and customers that can be hard to otherwise achieve through more traditional channels. Posting funny, informative, interesting, and engaging messages allows your audience to see a more personal side to your business, and allows them to feel comfortable with the brand, often leading to more conversions and better brand loyalty.

Here’s a great example of a social post from Oreo taking advantage of the Superbowl blackout back in February 2013. This particular post got in excess of 15,000 retweets and was being talked about all over the internet; a great success for the brand and its engagement.

oreo's twitter campaign

3. Trust

Regularly posting to your followers and actively engaging with them builds up a trust of your brand over time and can increase the chances of making a sale simply from spending some time on what you’re posting – we call this a ‘content strategy’. Many big brands and online retailers even have official help accounts for their customer service sectors, allowing people to connect with, and get a resolution to their issue often more quickly and publicly than emails, post, or phone lines.

If you have built up a positive reputation on your social channels, you could even find your followers recommending or sharing your brand to others, as regular posts are likely to keep you in the front of their minds.

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