To tell the truth, before I joined Cornerstone back in 2010 I had absolutely no clue about ‘the agency life’.

There were just two of us back then, David and I, closely followed by Nicola that same summer. So, with only a handful of clients and a small home office, we planned our world domination with Blackberrys in hand.

Things were a little slower paced back then; the phone didn’t ring off the hook, emails were few and far between, and we could actually take a lunch break. However, this slow paced phase of agency life was very short lived, and it wasn’t long until things really started to pick up.

But enough of the reminiscing… Let me jump straight in and tell you what it’s now like working at the busy, growing, full service marketing agency that is Cornerstone.

The People

Working in a small, full service marketing agency means team members are not limited to their job descriptions, which we’ve strongly encouraged since day one. Of course each of us have valued skills and expertise, but we also have to wear many different hats day to day to help fulfil tight client deadlines and last minute projects – a staple of agency life. For example, as head of creative with design as my primary role, I might also get involved with account management, business administration, and HR.

We feel that this cross collaboration of skills, helps to encourage creative thinking, strong teamwork and provides endless opportunities for the team to explore and learn. It’s really important to have this variety of work in a creative environment to ensure we stay focussed and at the top of our game.

The Culture

We are the Cornerstone family; home to beer Fridays, Fat Thursdays and on-target socials. We’re close knit and driven by the same ethos and company values. We work together as One. Solid. Unit. And we’re passionate about creating great work and getting amazing results.

Don’t get me wrong, working at Cornerstone isn’t easy, but we try and strike a balance by creating a flexible, positive environment to achieve the best of both worlds, and blur the lines between work and play.

The Work

But of course, with the fun comes the nitty gritty – the work. Working at Cornerstone means you have ownership. You get to see a project through from start to finish. Collaborating with many different team members to collectively reach your goals. You get multi-brand exposure, first hand experience of a variety of clients, and an enormous sense of achievement on project completion.

The huge variety helps you learn quickly, be adaptable, and able to turn you’re your hand to any skill set, helping us stay ahead of the competition. Every day is different, no two projects are the same and it can be tricky when calendars are quickly filling up and lead times are tight, but the challenge is somewhat addictive and the sense of achievement is truly amazing!

Everything I’ve mentioned above pretty much happens each and every day at Cornerstone, and I can hand on heart say that you won’t find a more dedicated, experienced group of creative thinking people this side of the Pennines!

Cornerstone DM