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Welcome to the start of something amazing.

We’ve seized the moment to unite as one in support of mental health and wellbeing. Here you’ll find an insight into the campaign, why you’re so pivotal to its success and a host of free downloadable resources to support your part in the movement.


Join us and feel good!

“I’m very proud to announce the creation of something I believe the fitness industry has needed for some
considerable time.” –
Graeme Hinde, founder of MH1.


Exercise has long been a physical prescription – both within our industry and health campaigns at large.
But we believe it’s time for a mind shift.
Time to demonstrate the instant, positive impact that physical activity has on mental health.
Time to show the profound impact we can make as a sector.


Time to ‘Release the feelgood’!

MH1 is leading the way


Join in the conversation

Join our communities and join in the conversation with ideas, resources and inspiration on Facebook and LinkedIn


Free Resources

Download our free campaign resources to share across your social media channels – let’s spread the word as much as we can!


Mental Health Questionnaire

Our Mental Health Questionnaire, supported NHS, will be freely available to operators and individuals working within the UK fitness industry. Watch this space!

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Free resource library

Please remember to use the hashtag #Releasethefeelgood whenever you use the MH1 logo or campaign visuals across your marketing activities, social media etc. Thank you.

April Campaign

Our ‘Feel Energised’ campaign is great to support your push to get people back to enjoying exercise.
Use this on your preferred social media platform and spread the word!

April Campaign Assets - Feel Energised


Previous Campaign Assets - Feel Resilient


Previous Campaign Assets - Feel Better


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Get in touch

Our Mental Health PARQ, in collaboration with the NHS, will be freely available to operators and individuals working within the UK fitness industry. To stay up to date on progress or to get in touch for further information about the MH1 campaign, please fill out the form below.

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