Andrew Lees Upholstery are a local company that cover all aspects of commercial and domestic upholstery. This ranges from bespoke fixed seating such as restaurant booths, loose furnishings such as office furniture, to fitted blinds and curtains. A local team with a talented work force undertaking large projects across the North West Region, Andrew Lees has been one of our valued retainer clients since 2012.

After growing awareness of the brand throughout the North West with a successful marketing strategy, focusing on PR, photography and social media, Andrew Lees wanted us to redesign their website to reflect their improved service offering and to convert the growing number of website visitors into customers.

This went hand in hand with a brand re-design to modernise Andrew Lees Upholstery and reflect the professional capabilities of the business.


Andrew Lees Upholstery’s new look was built upon their existing brand, so as to keep the positive brand recognition gained from marketing activities in recent years. The design included a modernised colour scheme, elegant typography, and a slick and distinctive look that better reflected Andrew Lees’ offering and target commercial audience.

We designed and developed a completely bespoke new website alongside this with their commercial clients in mind. As a business offering bespoke services, showcasing the range and quality of Andrew Lees’ work was also paramount to their success. Therefore, an image-led design was built using high quality photography provided by Cornerstone’s in-house photography team, supported by written case studies that were incorporated in the website structure to be showcased on various web pages.

The website focused on giving a user-friendly experience including easy navigation, cleanly laid out content and clear call-to-actions in the right places to increase conversion rates. This included links between pages of the site for an easy flow through the site, encouraging greater exploration of their services and past projects.

Good SEO with longevity was also a major consideration in the website design, which was built with flexible content blocks to present in-depth information clearly. We provided copy writing to populate the website with content that would positively impact their SEO score.


Andrew Lees Upholstery’s new website and brand showcased their professional capabilities as a leading commercial upholstery supplier in Manchester and gave them a more competitive position in the market.

The website has gained significant traction in just 6 weeks since launching. Web sessions have increased by 54.6% since its launch, and sessions have increased by 82.9% on organic search. 81.5% of this web traffic is new users, meaning the new website and SEO work behind it has significantly contributed to growing the audience of the business.

Contributing to this rise in web visits, the SEO work carried out has meant that search engine rankings has improved dramatically for the business – rising by 194 rankings on Google and 427 places on Bing alone.

An increase in back links has strengthened the website, with an additional 20% of back links having been created on a range of reputable websites since web launch mostly due to Cornerstone’s successful PR efforts, resulting in greater trust and awareness of the Andrew Lees brand.


Finally, the user experience workshop and strategy that went into the website even before design and development stages has contributed to better user interaction with the website with a 4% increase in user session duration and 5% increase on pages viewed per session since the month before. Bounce rate has also dropped by 10%, showing that the new look and feel of the website are keeping audiences there for longer.

We only expect these results to grow as time goes on as Andrew Lees Upholstery continues to go from strength to strength.

Web sessions increased by 54.6% in 6 weeks in comparison to the previous year

Web sessions via organic search increased by 82.9% in 6 weeks

81.5% of all web sessions within that period are unique visitors

Pages viewed per session increased by 5% in 6 weeks

Average session duration increased by 4% in 6 weeks

Bounce rates reduced by 10%

Increase in Google rankings by 194 places in 6 weeks

Increase in Bing rankings by 427 places in 6 weeks

Increase in back links by 20% in 6 weeks

Cornerstone DM