Halton Council approached us with a distinct vision of how they wanted their annual report to look. The client wanted a clean and clear layout (white space = music to our ears!), with the information broken down to work better visually. Illustrations were also required for real life case studies throughout – think Helen Oxenbury and the lovely ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ children’s storybook for the initial brief we were approached with.

Halton Council Annual Report


The pitch took a bit of a different turn from the initial brief following multiple discussions with the client. Working with quite a limited budget, it proved impossible for us to do hard drawn illustrations for the amount of characters required and stick within the budget. So, we had to come up with another option, ensuring it was just as suitable for the clients needs.

We changed from hand drawn to digital. Using a vector style, we were able to create soft characters, which are representative of the Halton community and established a strong look for the overall report. Vector illustrations allowed us to easily edit the characters as the report progressed, and also adapt to create other characters, ensuring the project remained in line with the original budget set out.

Halton Council Annual Report


The outcome shows how an annual report can be injected with personality, and work really well visually for such a text heavy piece. With this years annual report being the first time it is going to be more widely available to the general public, the client was delighted with the outcome appealing to a diverse audience, yet remaining professional throughout.

The completion of the project came with a great big thank you from our clients, stating that everyone had been extremely impressed with the quality, design and project management in getting the report completed on time – something which they have never managed to do before!

Halton Council Annual Report

Cornerstone DM