Heritage Conservation Restoration Ltd approached Cornerstone to help them take the next step with their business. Being a fairly new set up, they wanted to widen their communications with a brand new website. They wanted the site to really capture and portray what they do, and who they are within such a niche market.

Heritage wanted to showcase the beautiful projects they are lucky enough to work on and the scope of services they have in-house. They are keen to create a legacy for Heritage and they wanted this to be portrayed in the overall look of the website. Being extremely passionate about restoring England’s Heritage, it was imperative the website showcased this and the range of projects they carry out.

Heritage Conservation Website


Heritage already had a brand look and feel established from their logo and brochure which they had previously worked on, so Cornerstone built up from this to bring the brand to life.

The website designs utilised the rich imagery from the impressive projects Heritage work on to really showcase what they do. For example, the projects page brings to life their offering, showing off their core services in a very aesthetically pleasing way to help draw people in.

The Heritage Blue has been used throughout, not only building on the brand but also because this royal blue (in branding) is associated with trustworthiness, strength and dependability which perfectly encapsulates the Heritage legacy.

The bespoke site is easy to navigate and appealing to the range of individuals who view the site.

Heritage Conservation Website


The website is modern, yet remains sympathetic to the industry with the textures and fonts used throughout. The client is extremely happy with the site and the portrayal the website creates for Heritage.

They have had glowing feedback from multiple people they regularly work with, including architects, clients and competitors. People can’t believe where they have got to in such a short space of time, showing the website really does portray Heritage the way the client set out to do so.

The site was also fully optimised and within the digital domain, is ranking really well and the client is happy with the way they are appearing when searching certain areas.

Heritage have also received several enquiries through the site, helping them grow their product portfolio and reach a wider audience.

Check out the site here.

Heritage Conservation Website

Cornerstone DM