Following the successful tender win for the Recycle for Greater Manchester (or R4GM as the brand is referred to) website and brand work, governing organisation GMWDA tasked us with a full rebrand across the organisation; to create a strong brand family, while at the same time creating established brands in their own right, which reflect their different key target audiences and areas they operate in.

The previous branding used the well-known recycle swoosh, so we faced a fairly tough challenge of keeping the circular motion which is associated with recycling, yet designing something new, modern and fresh.

It was key that the new branding tied in with the other elements of the brand family, so a unified, yet distinguished look and feel was required. In a nutshell:

·       The branding needed to keep in line with the other arms of the brand family

·       Not steer too far away from the circular motion of recycling

·       Create a new look and feel which is modern and appealed to the really diverse target audience R4GM serves

R4GM Brand Guidelines


A wide selection of logo creative was developed internally at Cornerstone to kick of this rebrand, with refinement of options to satisfy the core branding requirements before we pitched to the client. Once we agreed what worked best in achieving the goals of the creative brief, a variety of brands were pitched to client.

The brand needed to tie in with the main GMWDA brand which we were also developing, so the creative for the two projects ran side by side, to ensure consistency within each.

As the recycle swoosh is so well established, we were keen to keep the circular motion. Similar to the GMWDA branding work we were working on, we used the colours of the nine councils which make up Greater Manchester to create the circular element you can see above in the final design.

As per GMWDA, the organisation name was added below the logo, so it was clear what the letters stand for and who they are on first glance. The use of the two colours was used on the R4GM brand to improve aesthetics, but also to meet a common ground incorporating the ‘recycle green’ with the grey used across GMWDA.

When we got to a stage we and the client were happy with, focus groups were carried out to explore consumer perceptions of the brand family, with tweaks being made to the logo to ensure the branding was in line with the individuals’ feedback.

Illustrations were also incorporated into the branding to make the brand appear much softer, and add interest for the general public.

R4GM Stationery Design
R4GM Rebrand


A new brand look and feel that Cornerstone and GMWDA are very proud of. The brand now has colour, illustrations and a much more consumer orientated approach that is engaging, eye catching and memorable as a true Greater Manchester service offering rather than generic national brand.

Associations with the brand family have also begun to be established through local councils and other stakeholders, with positive feedback on the new brand look and feel from both internal and external sources.

Cornerstone DM