Following on from the rebrand project for R4GM, we were tasked with creating a highly bespoke website that was heavily user focused with extremely well thought out user experience (UX) design. The website needed to be consumer friendly as this is the customer facing arm of the brand family, cater for the wide audience who R4GM reach out to, and help get across the key information in the easiest way possible.

The website needed to strike a fine balance with being visual, whilst still communicating key messaging from the organisation in an efficient manner. Research showed that the site also tended to be accessed from Google searches more than direct requests, so a lot of the user’s land on a range of pages rather than initially seeing the homepage. Therefore, the website needed to have a cohesive look and feel throughout, pushing the key calls to action required across several of the key pages.


R4GM Website Responsive View


UX (user experience) was at the forefront of the website we designed, with the key content and information being well structured, with key messaging being visible through a variety of touchpoints within the website.

Illustrations were to play a key part of the website design too, helping make the whole site a lot more engaging and user friendly, helping with the behaviour change goals set out in the brief for R4GM. call’s to action for each of these were included throughout, with illustrations being tied in showing the 5 main pages interchangeably across the website.

R4GM Website UX Design
R4GM Website Homepage


A website we are extremely proud of, and one that has had a massive positive impact on achieving the organisational goals and behaviour change within the Greater Manchester area!

The clients were extremely happy with the overall outcome, and meeting the deadline with a few minutes spare (even when this was at midnight) showed the teams dedication to get the site live for the agreed, tighter than usual deadline, regardless of how things had been pushed back.

We are continually improving the website functionality too, with us looking at making the location search more personalised.

Check out the site here:


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