On the run up to the launch of OCL’s exciting new Royton Leisure Centre, Cornerstone were briefed to plan and implement a marketing campaign that promoted the centre throughout the local area in order to generate awareness and interest, as well as take part in the design of a wide range of interior graphics to make the centre more welcoming to new visitors. The marketing materials were to be designed in line with the Oldham Active brand colours to create instant recognition and build on the brand recognition and perception that already exists in the local area.

Royton Leisure Centre


Cornerstone’s involvement included the development of an advertising strategy for the overall campaign, which involved significant planning, copywriting, and research, before moving onto the proposed route for the design of marketing literature, such as brochures, leaflets, outdoor media, and press advertisements. A digital marketing campaign was also formed, which included techniques such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, as well as other online tools including website promotional banners, social media marketing, and email campaigns. All of these designs were to incorporate the key selling points of the new centre, staying in line with the brand, and was to present valuable information including equipment and opening dates.

Royton Leisure Centre


The campaign was a huge success for the Oldham Active brand, bringing a staggering number of conversions and interest from members of the public, generating interest and membership sign ups for the first week of opening that exceeded expectations and targets Due to the campaign being such a resounding success, the campaign’s look and feel was transferred into other areas of the centre also, seeing the introduction of a range of notice boards, vinyl wall graphics, and pull up banners to further communicate the key messages surrounding the fantastic new centre.

Royton Leisure Centre

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