Senior Account Manager
  • Superpower
    My determined creativity. I will try my hand at practically anything creative – copy, resin art, illustration, scrapbooking… you name it and it’s probably in my hobby graveyard.
  • Kryptonite
    Sugar. I’m never without it, from a sugary brew (we’ve had to double the Silver Spoon order) to bags of sweets hoarded into my desk drawer. I run on the stuff.
Abigail Fraser-Kelly

Senior account manager Abi is somewhat of an all-rounder in the world of marketing.

She studied International Fashion Marketing at Manchester Met and quickly fell in love with PR during a year-long placement in London, where she worked in two agencies across brands like Colour Wow and B&Q. She continued in PR following graduation and then started to develop skills in creative thinking and social media marketing.

While still working in PR, she also did a master’s degree in creative advertising to help transform herself from what she modestly describes as an amateur graphic designer and half-decent copywriter to a marketing whizz.

Over the past five years she has worked with household names like Cushelle, Plenty, TENA and Schwartz on their shopper marketing strategies, promotional prize campaigns and direct to door couponing.


I am both organisation obsessed and a creative weirdo, so working in creative marketing as a senior account manager called to me – naturally.

On top of that, I enjoy the curious psychology behind marketing as we gather insight and use it to develop perfectly targeted and smart campaigns!  My dream is to use the wonder of marketing to help brands that need it and do great things.

And that is why I came to Cornerstone, to work with our wonderful client base – and with a wonderful team – and that’s exactly what I got.