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The cherry on the top or the bread and butter of your business?

We strongly believe the latter because although design brings the delicious wow-factor we’re all hungry for, it’s very much at the core of business and brand identity. Cornerstone’s design agency team boasts over three decades of combined industry experience and brief interpretation acumen. They are responsible for bringing countless campaigns, website developments and printed elements to life.

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How we do it

Natural talent and experience count for everything when it comes to design. Our in-house creatives have bags of both, and their work can be seen across the UK, from brand logos to billboards and signage.

The department is the creative cog of Cornerstone and offers expertise in illustrating brand vision, eye-catching advertisements and campaign concepts.

We guarantee a collaborative approach

• Branding and identity

Branding is essential to a product or business. Executed well, it’s a guiding light for consumers and customers and helps to form valuable perceptions that will continue to resonate for years to come. Just think of the household name products, companies and organisations we can identify by simply recalling their branding? It’s a crucial element and can become your most valuable asset. Getting it spot on is the work of the designers. Our team creates brand marks, including logos, literature design, promotional materials, digital assets and websites.

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• Campaign creative

Our designers create the look and feel of new campaigns, using either new or pre-existing branding. This can be stand-alone visuals and messaging, which compliments an existing brand or an advertising promotion. They also add the design element to campaigns to promote a significant company event or anniversary, or to launch a new product or service.  These often include print design, web design and branding.

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• Print design and marketing literature

If it can be printed, we can design it – brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters, annual reports, newsletters, magazines, promotional materials, the list is extensive. Just get in touch and we’ll happily accommodate your requirements.

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• Retail Design

Our creative team is highly experienced in retail design, from point of sale items to wall graphics. Retail design is about grabbing customers’ attention, getting them through your store’s doors, keeping them there and spending their money. Eye-catching design is at the core of all of it.

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• Video

If you want your image to move you’ve come to the right place. And it all starts with our designers. They initially create concepts and storyboards for client projects before the filming and stock footage process begins. Our video production and motion graphics services include:

  • Annual Report Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Motion Graphics Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Product Focussed Videos
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• Product photography and pack visuals

Cornerstone is well equipped to provide a professional range of product shots and imagery – we’re also well connected when it comes to specialist photography suppliers. Our designers are heavily involved in this creative process whether it’s individual products shots or designing room sets for lifestyle imagery.

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• InnoScreen

Innoscreen allows you to tailor your communications and puts the power of information in your hands. Regardless of the sector, having tailors communications is essential to customer satisfaction and stakeholder satisfaction.

With Cornerstone, we will give you the chance to discover how simple it is to run your own campaign, upload assets and just how effective it is in converting your messaging.

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Our process

Insight and understanding

We analyse the in-house team brief, assessing what you want to achieve, researching style guides and fully understanding a client’s likes and dislikes.

Clarify the challenge(s)

We begin to interpret the brief on a deeper level, identifying the campaign or project goals and objectives which need to be meet through the design


Once we’ve established the firm creativity and have a solid understanding of the brief following AM and client consultation, the initial design begins to take shape.

Develop and refine

This is the point of maximum creative impact. From brand identity to advertising campaign, we realise the vision and complete the design ahead of client approval. This could be initial designs or final concept. Dependent on client feedback we would then refine the design.

Final outputs / launch

Whether it’s a print, website or digital imagery, we prepare the signed-off assets for handover to the next process.

Feedback and evaluation

We look forward to this bit – the results. At this final stage we garner client reviews, impact, overall effectiveness and analyse any metrics available. Job done (well).

Our Work

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